HEAD-TO-HEAD: iShares vs Vanguard

HEAD-TO-HEAD: Blackrock and Schroders

FSA compares two small cap funds: the BlackRock GF Systematic Sustainable Global SmallCap Fund and the Schroder ISF US Smaller Companies Impact Fund.

HEAD-TO-HEAD: MFS and T. Rowe Price

FSA compares two European equity funds: the T. Rowe Price European Equity Fund and the MFS Meridian European Research Fund.

HEAD-TO-HEAD: Eastspring versus Schroders

FSA compares two dividend funds: the Eastspring Investments Asian Equity Income Fund and the Schroder International Asian Equity Yield Selection Fund.

HEAD-TO-HEAD: Ninety One versus Pictet

FSA compares two environmental funds: the Ninety One Global Environment fund and the Pictet Global Environmental Opportunities fund.

HEAD-TO-HEAD: Fidelity versus JP Morgan

FSA compares two emerging market equity products: the Fidelity Emerging Markets Fund and the JP Morgan Emerging Markets Equity Fund.

HEAD-TO-HEAD: Allianz versus Schroders

FSA compares two equities products: the Allianz Global Equity Growth Fund and the Schroder ISF Global Sustainable Growth Fund.

HEAD-TO-HEAD: Fidelity and FSSA

FSA compares two Asia ex-Japan equity products: the Fidelity Asia Fund and the FSSA Asian Growth Fund.

HEAD-TO-HEAD: Brown Advisory and Pictet

FSA compares two international equity products: the Brown Advisory Global Leaders Fund and the Pictet Global Thematic Opportunities Fund.

HEAD-TO-HEAD: Blackrock versus Fidelity

FSA compares two US dollar mixed asset products: the Blackrock GF Global Multi-Asset Income Fund and the Fidelity Global Multi Asset Income Fund.

HEAD-TO-HEAD: Fidelity versus Templeton

FSA compares two emerging markets bond products: the Fidelity Emerging Market Debt Fund and the Templeton Emerging Market Bond Fund.

HEAD-TO-HEAD: Invesco versus Pimco

FSA compares two investment grade fixed income products: the Invesco Global Investment Grade Corporate Bond Fund and the Pimco GIS Global Investment Grade Credit Fund.

HEAD-TO-HEAD: Allianz versus FSSA

FSA compares two China equity products: the Allianz China A Shares Fund and the FSSA Greater China Growth Fund.

HEAD-TO-HEAD: Abrdn versus Alquity

FSA compares two global sustainable equity products: the Aberdeen Global Sustainable and Responsible Investment Equity Fund and the Alquity Global Impact Fund.


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The FSA Spy market buzz – 27 January 2023

Change at AllianceBernstein, Schroders on China, delisting in Shanghai, mean reversion, HSBC’s ESG conumdrum, Vanguard’s flows, ARK vs Energy, Charles Dickens and much more.