Pictet predicts allocation shake-up

Commodities, private markets and emerging markets will drive investor returns over the next five years, according to Pictet Asset Management (Pictet AM).

Macro risks require nimble response

The confluence of risks stemming from inflation, recessionary fears and geopolitics calls on investors to stay nimble and seize any opportunities that rise, says Eastspring Investments.

Axa IM backs allocations to Asian assets

More stable fund flows and intact structural investment themes in the region bode well for equities and credit, says Axa Investment Managers.

Schroders supports 60/40 portfolio approach

As investors assess whether the conventional allocation split still make sense, Schroders believes bonds will still provide portfolio benefits even if equity-bond correlations remain positive.

HEAD-TO-HEAD: Blackrock versus Fidelity

FSA compares two US dollar mixed asset products: the Blackrock GF Global Multi-Asset Income Fund and the Fidelity Global Multi Asset Income Fund.

DWS backs asset mix to tap Asia rebound

The region will outperform in the second half of 2022 amid a general reopening of economies – and fuelled by China’s growth and stock market, predicts DWS.


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The FSA Spy market buzz – 3 February 2023

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