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Latest News 12, Feb 19

Russia’s resurgent funds defy headwinds

Russia’s stock market performance during the past three years has been resilient despite the external pressures of US-sponsored sanctions and fluctuating commodity prices.

Latest News 12, Feb 19

Robo-advisor performance: January 2018

All portfolios performed strongly in January after negative returns in December, with the aggressive portfolios posting the highest monthly returns.

Latest News 12, Feb 19

HSBC launches MRF fund in China

HSBC Global Asset Management has launched its first northbound fund into mainland China, but investor sentiment there is muted.

Latest News 12, Feb 19

Asia passporting scheme finally goes live

But only three out of the five member countries are ready to accept applications.

Asset Class in Focus | 11 Feb 19

ESG goes beyond risk management, says Hermes

ESG ratings typically do not account for management efforts to improve, and companies with poor scores may be worth a closer look.

Latest News | 11 Feb 19

Fighting the Asia index

Active managers seek to justify their fees by adding value above index tracker returns: too often they fail.

Asset Class in Focus | 11 Feb 19

First State reduces India equity exposure

Small and mid-caps were cut and the portfolio has a high level of cash, says manager of its Indian subcontinent fund.

Head To Head | 8 Feb 19

HEAD-TO-HEAD: Axa vs Pimco

FSA compares two global high yield bond products: The Axa World Funds Global High Yield Bond Fund and the Pimco GIS Global High Yield Bond Fund.

Latest News | 8 Feb 19

Premia plans new smart beta ETFs

Hong Kong-based Premia Partners intends to launch four Asia smart beta exchange traded funds (ETFs) by the end of the year.

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