FSA Fund Awards 2019 shortlist: Part 2

FSA Awards

Is your fund on the shortlist? FSA reveals more funds among the 14 asset class categories in the third annual FSA Fund Awards.

In total there are 14 asset class categories each for Hong Kong and Singapore.

The funds (listed with their Citicodes and ISIN) were singled out based on FE Advisory’s quantitative filters that test for alpha, volatility and consistency over a three-year period.

Click here for Part 1 of the shortlist.

On Monday and Tuesday we will publish the funds for the remaining asset class categories.


Hong Kong


Regional/Single Country Emerging Markets Equity

Amundi Vietnam OpportunitiesBKT4HK0000329125
First State Indian SubcontinentCM48IE0008369930
JPMorgan ThailandJH69HK0000055787
JPMorgan Vietnam OpportunitiesAYF8HK0000055811
Manulife Taiwan EquityO919LU0278409734
PineBridge India EquityMFGRHK0000227006
PineBridge Latin America Small and Mid Cap EquityZ749IE00B1RM6L88
Schroder ISF Emerging EuropeAXG5LU0133716950
Templeton ThailandUJ23LU0078275988
Value Partners TaiwanC1K8KYG9318Y1061


Global Equity

Allianz Global Equity UnconstrainedFEOWLU0342677829
Fidelity Global Demographics0VV8LU0528227936
Investec Global FranchiseGQK4LU0440694312
JGF-Jupiter Global ValueG7R8LU0425094421
Morg Stnly Global BrandsMP78LU0119620416
Morg Stnly Global OpportunityMCT9LU0552385451
Stewart Investors Worldwide Equity03FBIE00B5W3SY16
Stewart Investors Worldwide LeadersCM51IE0008368304
T. Rowe Price Global Focused Growth EquityTF30LU0143551892
Threadneedle (Lux) Global FocusAX38LU0061474960


Japanese Equity

Fidelity Japan AdvantageFP40LU0161332480
Fidelity Japan AggressiveE569LU0261965585
Invesco Japanese Equity AdvantageEK52LU0607514717
Invesco Japanese Value Equity0D7FLU0607516092
JGF-Jupiter Japan SelectFPK8LU0425093290
JPMorgan Japan (Yen)JH50HK0000055670
Schroder ISF Japanese OpportunitiesEIS9LU0270819674


US Equity

AB American Growth PortfolioAM71LU0079475777
BlackRock GF US GrowthMO57LU0097036916
JPM US GrowthCI85LU0119063898
Legg Mason ClearBridge US Large Cap GrowthX763IE00B19Z8W00
Morg Stnly US AdvantageQR85LU0225737302
Morg Stnly US GrowthDPG5LU0176155215
T. Rowe Price US Blue Chip EquityB4Y2LU0133085943
T. Rowe Price US Large Cap Growth EquityTF38LU0174119429
Wells Fargo Worldwide US All Cap GrowthEJR3LU0353189680
Wells Fargo Worldwide US Large Cap GrowthEJR6LU0354030438





Regional/Single Country Emerging Markets Equity

APS Vietnam Alpha0GCDIE00B459ZB51
Investec Latin American Smaller CompaniesG6VOLU0804467214
JPM Korea EquityA6K3LU0301634860
Lazard MenaJJ6WIE00B7YD8J82
Manulife Taiwan EquityO919LU0278409734
Nomura India EquityK8M4IE00B3SHDY84
PXP Vietnam Emerging EquityDMF9KYG7306V1005
SEB 2 RussiaQ188LU0273119544
Templeton ThailandUJ23LU0078275988


Global Equity

AB Low Volatility Equity PortfolioF4CILU0861579265
BNY Mellon Global Equity IncomeKJP6IE00B3X1G796
Fundsmith Equity Feeder0L3RLU0690374615
LGT Sustainable Equity GlobalLL81LI0148540466
Morg Stnly Global BrandsMP78LU0119620416
Morg Stnly Global OpportunityMCT9LU0552385451
Nikko AM Shenton Global OpportunitiesDC51SG9999004303
Partners Group Global Value SICAVGNJFLU0286629125
Threadneedle (Lux) Global Smaller CompaniesMWW3LU0570871375
Wellington Global Quality GrowthN33DLU1084869962


Japanese Equity

BL Equities JapanOYD2LU0578148537
CS Investment 2 CS (Lux) Japan Value EquityNIA8LU0496466821
Edmond de Rothschild JapanMFQ5FR0010976555
Fidelity Japan AggressiveFJHELU1060955314
GAM Star Japan EquityGG31IE0003014572
GS Japan Equity Partners PortfolioFUPZLU1217870671
JPMorgan Japan (Yen)JH50HK0000055670
Nomura Japan High ConvictionJKHYIE00BBT38139
RWC Nissay Japan FocusE4GALU1212749227
T. Rowe Price Japanese EquityY846LU0230817339



US Equity

Artemis US EquityKRMBGB00BMMV4S07
Artemis US Smaller CompaniesKRMDGB00BMMV5766
Baillie Gifford Worldwide US Equity GrowthGM8YIE00B8H9N519
Brown Advisory US Smaller CompaniesAYJ5IE00B0PVDG43
JPM US Small Cap GrowthRT68LU0053671581
Morg Stnly US GrowthYM09LU0042381250
Morg Stnly US InsightFPHPLU1121084831
Seilern Stryx AmericaD5E3IE00B1ZBRN64
VAM US Small Cap GrowthV046LU0247231789
William Blair SICAV US Small Mid Cap GrowthN6Y5LU0181864389



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