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FSA Fund Awards Hong Kong 2022

We present the full shortlist of funds for Hong Kong.
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FSA’s fund awards are based on data from FE Fundinfo, which applies the filters of alpha, volatility and consistency of performance over three years to narrow down the universe of 1,349 eligible funds in Hong Kong to 140 funds across 14 categories.

In Hong Kong, funds have to be registered for retail sale to be eligible. Eligible funds include only actively managed funds (ETFs, passive/tracking funds are excluded) and should have at least a three-year track record.

The shortlists are then given to independent judges from Asia’s fund selector community in Hong Kong and in Singapore.

Below are the shortlisted fund candidates (with Citicodes and ISIN) for Hong Kong.


Fund NameISINCiticode / TIDM
Allianz Choice AsianHK0000061579E991
Allianz Total Return Asian EquityLU0348814723ET16
Barings Asia GrowthIE0000830129W560
JPMorgan Asia GrowthHK0000038148A2H1
JPMorgan Asian Smaller CompaniesHK0000055647JH42
Matthews Asia ex Japan DividendLU1311310624MYYD
Mirae Asset Asia Great Consumer EquityLU059384830104TJ
Morg Stnly Asia OpportunityLU1808492620OYUR
Nikko AM Asian Small Mid EquityHK0000315975NS3L
Zeal Voyage ChinaHK000006828503DC


Fund NameISINCiticode / TIDM
Allianz China A-SharesLU1997245177F0O7
BEA China A Share EquityHK0000074176MEC9
Fullgoal China Small-Mid Cap GrowthLU1171460220P3CT
Harvest China A Research SelectHK0000186335K6QM
ICBC China and Hong Kong VisionHK0000669348MRC5
JPM China A-Share OpportunitiesHK0000206067FMGZ
JPMorgan China Pioneer A-ShareHK0000055621AXW1
Matthews China Small CompaniesLU07218763640YFH
Schroder China Equity AlphaHK0000138559JO7G
Schroder ISF All China EquityLU1831875114P7UR


Fund NameISINCiticode / TIDM
Aberdeen Standard SICAV I – European EquityLU0094541447AO77
Abrdn Std SCV II European Smaller CompaniesLU0306632414DWS0
Allianz Europe Equity GrowthLU0256839860FENH
Allianz Europe Equity Growth SelectLU0920839429F89H
BlackRock BGF European Special SituationsLU0154234636M439
BlackRock GF EuropeanLU0011846440WB72
Fidelity European Dynamic GrowthLU0119124781FM58
JGF-Jupiter European GrowthLU0260085492J241
MFS Meridian European ValueLU0125951151MZ68
UBS (Lux) Equity – European Opportunity Sustainable (EUR)LU0006391097UA33


Fund NameISINCiticode / TIDM
BlackRock BGF Emerging MarketsLU0047713382MM74
Capital Group New World Fund (LUX)LU1481180195C1HG
FF Emerging Markets FocusLU1102505929FNBW
HSBC GIF BRIC EquityLU02148750300IBY
HSBC GIF BRIC Markets EquityLU0254981946BYS9
JPM Emerging Markets EquityLU0053685615RT31
JPM Emerging Middle East EquityLU0117896257JB20


Fund NameISINCiticode / TIDM
AB American Growth PortfolioLU0054403190AM72
Aberdeen Standard SICAV I North American Smaller CompaniesLU0566484027FBYP
Janus Henderson US FortyIE0004445239JG25
Morg Stnly US AdvantageLU0225737302QR85
Morg Stnly US GrowthLU0176155215DPG5
NB US Small CapIE00B8HXK965JK0B
T. Rowe Price US Smaller Companies Equity FundLU0133096635TC41


Fund NameISINCiticode / TIDM
BNP Paribas Brazil EquityLU0281906387FU7V
JPM Brazil EquityLU0318936589DRI9
JPM Korea Equity FundLU0301634860A6K3
MFS Meridian Latin American EquityLU0406715283F0C2
PineBridge India EquityIE00B0JY6M65QO46
Schroder ISF Emerging AsiaLU0181495838AXF1
Schroder ISF Latin AmericanLU0106259046DAY4


Fund NameISINCiticode / TIDM
AB SICAV I – Sustainable Global Thematic PortfolioLU0102831160AN63
Aberdeen Standard SICAV I Global Innovation EquityLU0107464264AO86
GS Global Millennials Equity PortfolioLU0786609619F2IN
ICBC Global Emerging EnterprisesHK0000669314MRC6
JPM Global GrowthLU0089639750RT39
Morg Stnly Global OpportunityLU0552385451MCT9
Schroder ISF Global Climate Change EquityLU0302445910DAX8
Schroder ISF Global Sustainable GrowthLU0557290698LXH5
T. Rowe Price Global Focused Growth EquityLU0143551892TF30
Threadneedle (Lux) Global FocusLU0061474960AX38


Fund NameISINCiticode / TIDM
BlackRock GF Japan Flexible EquityLU0212924517OS24
BOCIP Japan Small & Mid Cap OpportunityHK0000142460ICHJ
Fidelity Japan Smaller CompaniesLU0048587603FJ43
Fidelity Sustainable Japan EquityLU0048585144FJ04
Janus Henderson Horizon Japanese Smaller CompaniesLU0011890265HY10
JPM Japan EquityLU0053696224RT43
JPMorgan Japan (Yen)HK0000055670JH50


Fund NameISINCiticode / TIDM
Allianz Choice OrientalHK0000062627ISX6
BOCOM Schroder Growth Mixed Securities InvestmentCNE1000024H5N5RY
CSOP China Southern Selected Value Mixed Securities InvestmentCNE100002573NESG
First Sentier Asian BridgeHK0000012440ZW59
Franklin Sealand China Prospect Mixed AssetsCNE1000025B5N09C
Harvest Growth IncomeCNE1000026C1NHDE
HSBC Jintrust Dynamic Strategy Mixed Securities InvestmentCNE100002425NBKN
Janus Henderson BalancedIE0004445015JF87
Value Partners Asian IncomeHK0000352374OAF4


Fund NameISINCiticode / TIDM
BNP Paribas Global Bond OpportunitiesLU0823391833FJ60
Capital Group Global Corporate Bond Fund (LUX)LU1746179297OM4S
E Fund Mgmt (HK) Ltd Select BondHK0000311842OG0N
Fidelity Global BondLU0048582984FJ02
Fidelity Global Inflation Linked BondLU0353648891C0W8
JPMorgan Global BondHK0000055654JH40
New Capital Wealthy Nations BondIE00B410WP56GOI8


Fund NameISINCiticode / TIDM
AB European Income PortfolioHK0000258282N3JT
BlackRock BGF China BondLU0764816798106G
ChinaAMC Select Asia BondHK0000301918NWJH
Fidelity Global Investment RMB BondHK0000242930M4CM
Fidelity US Dollar BondLU0048622798FE71
HSBC All China BondHK0000200318KTOG
Merian Global Dynamic BondIE0031386414M490
PineBridge Asian BondHK0000133162JMWQ
Threadneedle European BondGB00B990YR84I8DD
Threadneedle Strategic BondGB0031022261TH06


Fund NameISINCiticode / TIDM
AB US High Yield PortfolioLU0759706095FMJP
Franklin High YieldLU0065014192UJ20
HSBC Asian High Yield BondHK0000349552A0CX
HSBC GIF Global High Income BondLU0524291613KJT6
JPM Global High Yield BondLU0344579056D5C8
JPM US High Yield Plus BondLU07493267310YOO
Legg Mason Western Asset Global High YieldIE00B19Z6Y83X770


Fund NameISINCiticode / TIDM
Aberdeen Standard SICAV I Frontier Markets BondLU0963865083FBXR
BlackRock GF Emerging Markets Corporate BondLU0843229542F60L
BNY Mellon Emerging Markets Corporate DebtIE00B6VJMC30GM4R
GS Emerging Markets Corporate Bond PortfolioLU0622305505ACBO
JPM Emerging Markets Investment Grade BondLU0562246024M5Z4
Legg Mason Western Asset Emerging Markets Corporate BondIE00B45DY5440IAY
Pimco GIS Asia Strategic Interest BondIE00B464Q616J5S0


Fund NameISINCiticode / TIDM
Allianz Global Artificial IntelligenceLU1602091867NXNM
AXA World Funds Framlington Europe Real Estate SecuritiesLU1042830981FI8F
BGF Sustainable EnergyLU0124384867MX08
BlackRock GF World TechnologyLU0056508442MO65
BNP Paribas Energy TransitionLU0823414635FX06
HS Property Sector FlexiPower HW71
Janus Henderson Horizon Pan European Property EquitiesLU0088927925HY03
JGF-Jupiter Financial InnovationLU0262307480J262
JPM US TechnologyLU0082616367CK79
Pictet WaterLU0255980673Q573

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