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FSA Awards 2018 shortlist – Singapore

FSA presents the full shortlist of funds in the Singapore universe, chosen from 2652 eligible funds.
Revealed: Winners of the FSA Fund Awards in Singapore...

The 14 category shortlist for Singapore is based on FE Advisory’s quantitative filters that test for alpha, volatility and consistency over multiple time periods and on a risk-adjusted basis.

The shortlist was given to an independent panel of 40 well-known professionals from Asia’s fund selector community. The judges’ selections from the shortlists will determine two winners in each category (Platinum and Gold).

The judges are currently voting and winners will be contacted soon. The formal announcement of Platinum and Gold winners wlll be done at the FSA Awards luncheon in January.

For the full Hong Kong shortlist, click here.

Singapore had 140 shortlisted funds chosen from 2652 eligible funds:

Fund Name Citicode / TIDM ISIN Category
Fidelity Asia Pacific Opportunities I Acc USD in US F27H LU0820712619 Asia Pacific Equity
Fidelity Asian Smaller Companies A Acc USD in US 0M9G LU0702159699 Asia Pacific Equity
First State Asian Equity Plus I Dis USD TR in US ZW77 IE0032834883 Asia Pacific Equity
Guinness Asian Equity Income C Acc USD in US M67E IE00BVYPNQ40 Asia Pacific Equity
Hermes Asia ex Japan Equity RC Retail Acc USD in US KWIO IE00BRHYB557 Asia Pacific Equity
Invesco Asia Opportunities Equity A USD in US TE74 LU0075112721 Asia Pacific Equity
JPMorgan Eastern Smaller Companies NAV TR in US JH42 HK0000055647 Asia Pacific Equity
Schroder ISF Asian Opportunities A Acc NAV USD in US DAY7 LU0106259558 Asia Pacific Equity
Schroder ISF Asian Total Return A1 Acc NAV USD in US ARO8 LU0326949269 Asia Pacific Equity
TT International Asia Pacific Ex Japan E2 GBP TR in US GTIB IE00B61C7X84 Asia Pacific Equity
Aberdeen Global Emerging Markets Corporate Bond A2 USD in US N1N7 LU0566480116 Emerging Market Bond
Aberdeen Global Frontier Markets Bond X2 TR in US FG5K LU1011993638 Emerging Market Bond
BlackRock GF Emerging Markets Bond A1 USD TR in US YY93 LU0200680436 Emerging Market Bond
BNY Mellon Emerging Markets Corporate Debt A EUR in US GM4R IE00B6VJMC30 Emerging Market Bond
First State Emerging Markets Bond I Acc USD in US 0J06 IE00B743D934 Emerging Market Bond
GS Emerging Markets Corporate Bond Portfolio A TR in US ACBP LU0622305687 Emerging Market Bond
GS Emerging Markets Debt Portfolio E Acc TR in US XX53 LU0133266147 Emerging Market Bond
Robeco Emerging Credits Z USD in US E1YF LU1071420613 Emerging Market Bond
UBS (Lux) Bond SICAV Emerging Economies Corporates (USD) P Acc in US F85C LU0896022034 Emerging Market Bond
Vontobel Emerging Markets Debt B in US F8GN LU0926439562 Emerging Market Bond
AXA World Funds Framlington Europe Small Cap A Cap EUR in US QT84 LU0125741180 European Equity
Baring Europe Select A Inc GBP GTR in US BO05 GB0000796242 European Equity
BlackRock SF European Opportunities Extension E2 EUR in US G0A9 LU0418790928 European Equity
JOHCM European Select Value B GBP TR in US JK21 IE0032904009 European Equity
LO Europe High Conviction M D TR in US F5WS LU0866421075 European Equity
MFS Meridian European Value A1 EUR in US MZ68 LU0125951151 European Equity
Nordea 1 Nordic Equity Small Cap E EUR in US C6U4 LU0278528822 European Equity
Oddo Avenir Europe CR EUR in US IQY9 FR0000974149 European Equity
Threadneedle European Smaller Companies Ret Acc GBP in US TH45 GB0001531424 European Equity
Wellington Strategic European Equity D Unhedged Acc USD in US I8SP IE00B839Y076 European Equity
Amundi Bond Global Corporate OU Cap USD TR in US F1QS LU0557863304 Global Bond
BlackRock GF Global Corporate Bond E2 USD in US AWY2 LU0326961470 Global Bond
BlackRock GIS Income Strategies Portfolio J USD TR in US MM87 LU0090329169 Global Bond
Invesco Global Investment Grade Corporate Bond A USD TR in US G4B4 LU0432616141 Global Bond
Investec Investment Grade Corporate Bond C Gr Inc-2 USD TR in US GG93 LU0345764590 Global Bond
JPM Global Corporate Bond A Mth NAV USD TR in US KVG4 LU0537373747 Global Bond
Legg Mason Western Asset Global Core Plus Bond A(D) Dis USD TR in US MAC9 IE00B53RGD78 Global Bond
Parvest Sustainable Bond World Corporate Classic Cap USD in US BQK9 LU0282388437 Global Bond
Pimco GIS Global Investment Grade Credit I Inc USD TR in US P697 IE0033386453 Global Bond
Schroder ISF Global Corporate Bond A1 Acc NAV USD in US EEJ9 LU0133711647 Global Bond
AB SICAV I Emerging Markets Equity Portfolio A USD in US FICC LU1005412207 Global Emerging Market Equity
Aviva Investors Emerging Markets Equity Small Cap B EUR in US BWH4 LU0280563387 Global Emerging Market Equity
Carmignac Portfolio Emerging Discovery A EUR Acc in US C2R8 LU0336083810 Global Emerging Market Equity
Charlemagne Magna New Frontiers N EUR in US N8H8 IE00B65LCL41 Global Emerging Market Equity
JPM Emerging Markets Small Cap A (perf) Acc NAV USD in US ARE3 LU0318931358 Global Emerging Market Equity
RAM (LUX) Systematic Funds Emerging Markets Equities S USD in US FGYO LU0835723452 Global Emerging Market Equity
RBC (Lux) Emerging Markets Equity A Acc USD in US FBZE LU0953692513 Global Emerging Market Equity
T. Rowe Price Frontier Markets Equity A USD in US KLTZ LU1079763535 Global Emerging Market Equity
Templeton Emerging Markets Smaller Companies A Acc USD in US A9L2 LU0300738514 Global Emerging Market Equity
Vontobel mtx Sustainable Emerging Markets Leaders B in US 050N LU0571085413 Global Emerging Market Equity
Eaton Vance Int (Ire) Hexavest Global Equity I2 USD in US KL0R IE00B6ZZ4V09 Global Equity
Henderson Gartmore Global Growth R Acc USD in US GR50 LU0200076999 Global Equity
Investec Global Quality Equity Income A Gr Inc USD TR in US LJD0 LU0545562505 Global Equity
LGT Sustainable Equity Global B USD in US LL81 LI0148540466 Global Equity
Morg Stnly Global Opportunity B USD in US MCT6 LU0552385378 Global Equity
MultiConcept White Fleet OLZ Efficient World® Equity B CHF in US FI8A LU1013689630 Global Equity
Natixis Seeyond Global Minvariance H-I/A in US MPXO LU0935230838 Global Equity
Robeco QI Global Conservative Equities D EUR in US 0MZW LU0705782398 Global Equity
Uni-Global Equities World SA USD in US I0Y7 LU0337270119 Global Equity
Vontobel Global Equity C in US DAF0 LU0218910965 Global Equity
Allianz China A-Shares AT NAV USD in US F0O7 LU0411150922 Greater China/China Equity
Comgest Growth Greater China Acc EUR in US CK11 IE0030351732 Greater China/China Equity
Fidelity China Focus A USD TR in US FT75 LU0173614495 Greater China/China Equity
Henderson Horizon China A2 Acc USD in US CRW0 LU0327786744 Greater China/China Equity
NB China Equity A Acc USD in US FUI6 IE00B543WZ88 Greater China/China Equity
Open Door Capital Group China A in US YJ88 BMG605411021 Greater China/China Equity
Schroder China Equity A in US KLO6 HK0000037405 Greater China/China Equity
Schroder China Equity Alpha A in US JO7G HK0000138559 Greater China/China Equity
UBS (CAY) China A Opportunity A in US F0NM KYG9179K1040 Greater China/China Equity
UBS (Lux) Equity Greater China (USD) (SGD) P Acc in US IUP5 LU0501845795 Greater China/China Equity
Henderson Horizon Euro High Yield Bond A2 Acc EUR in US F3QY LU0828815570 High Yield
Henderson Horizon Global High Yield Bond A2 Acc USD in US FEIQ LU0978624194 High Yield
HSBC Asian High Yield Bond AC USD in US A0CX HK0000349552 High Yield
Income Partners Managed Volatility High Yield Bond 2A Acc USD in US 0GB4 KYG493711918 High Yield
NN (L) FLEX Senior Loans G Hedged Cap SGD EUR in US 055B LU0635160079 High Yield
Pioneer Funds Emerging Markets Corporate High Yield Bond A Non Distributing EUR in US F18I LU0765561054 High Yield
Robeco European High Yield Bonds DH EUR in US R030 LU0226953981 High Yield
Robeco High Yield Bonds I USD in US FFBQ LU0990544842 High Yield
UBAM EM High Yield Short Duration Corporate Bond AD USD TR in US FBFJ LU0943508324 High Yield
UOB United Asian High Yield Bond TR in US J8KP SG9999010029 High Yield
BL Equities Japan B in US EGG3 LU0578148453 Japanese Equity
CC Japan Income & Growth Acc USD in US IAGV IE00B8Y6JC44 Japanese Equity
Fidelity Japan Aggressive A Dis JPY in US FJHE LU1060955314 Japanese Equity
GAM Star Japan Equity Acc JPY in US GG31 IE0003014572 Japanese Equity
Henderson Horizon Japanese Smaller Companies A2 Acc USD in US HY10 LU0011890265 Japanese Equity
JPMorgan Japan (Yen) NAV in US JH50 HK0000055670 Japanese Equity
Oyster Japan Opportunities C JPY PR in US B945 LU0204987902 Japanese Equity
Parvest Equity Japan Small Cap Classic Cap JPY in US PA50 LU0069970746 Japanese Equity
T. Rowe Price Japanese Equity A EUR in US Y846 LU0230817339 Japanese Equity
Uni-Global Equities Japan SA JPY in US I0Y2 LU0246474125 Japanese Equity
BL Global Flexible USD AR TR in US BMXV LU0962811377 Mixed Asset
Fidelity Global Multi Asset Income A Acc USD in US JF8U LU0905233846 Mixed Asset
First State Bridge TR in US YZ94 SG9999002067 Mixed Asset
HSBC GIF Managed Solutions Asia Focused Conservative AC USD in US F75G LU0854292488 Mixed Asset
HSBC GIF Managed Solutions Asia Focused Income AM2 USD TR in US G25G LU0762541174 Mixed Asset
JPM Asia Pacific Income A Acc NAV USD in US JS66 LU0210527791 Mixed Asset
Pimco GIS Strategic Income E Acc in US JZKS IE00BG800R07 Mixed Asset
Schroder Dana Kombinasi in US E3M7 IDN000000205 Mixed Asset
UBS (Lux) SICAV 1- All-Rounder (USD) P Acc in US F0C9 LU0397594465 Mixed Asset
UBS Renminbi Diversified Segregated Portfolio A RMB in US M5FA KYG9177W1592 Mixed Asset
Capital Group Euro Corporate Bond (LUX) B GBP in US L0L3 LU0538249359 Regional Bond
CS (Lux) Asia Corporate Bond B USD in US F3EP LU0828907005 Regional Bond
Deutsche Invest II China High Income Bonds LCH in US F51U LU0826450719 Regional Bond
Fidelity Asian Bond A Acc USD in US NGO2 LU0605512275 Regional Bond
GAM US Dollar Special Bond Open in US GL93 VGG3715B1242 Regional Bond
Pimco GIS Income E Acc USD in US I1YR IE00B7KFL990 Regional Bond
Schroder ISF EURO Corporate Bond A Acc NAV EUR in US AXO4 LU0113257694 Regional Bond
UBS (CH) Bond CHF P GTR in US UA82 CH0002788567 Regional Bond
UBS (Lux) Bond Full Cycle Asian Bond (USD) P Acc in US I9U6 LU0464244333 Regional Bond
Vontobel Swiss Franc Bond C in US DAJ2 LU0137003116 Regional Bond
Aberdeen Global Russian Equity S2 in US H803 LU0505785260 Regional/Single Country Emerging Market Equity
APS Vietnam Alpha B USD in US 0GCD IE00B459ZB51 Regional/Single Country Emerging Market Equity
Aviva Investors Emerging Europe Equity B EUR in US CU43 LU0083327972 Regional/Single Country Emerging Market Equity
Charlemagne Magna MENA N EUR in US NBL5 IE00B3QPMN62 Regional/Single Country Emerging Market Equity
First State Indian Subcontinent I Acc USD in US CM48 IE0008369930 Regional/Single Country Emerging Market Equity
JPMorgan Thailand NAV TR in US JH69 HK0000055787 Regional/Single Country Emerging Market Equity
LionGlobal Korea Acc SGD in US A5D3 SG9999002356 Regional/Single Country Emerging Market Equity
Parvest Equity Russia Opportunities N Cap USD in US BFE6 LU0265268929 Regional/Single Country Emerging Market Equity
PXP Vietnam Emerging Equity A in US** DMF9 KYG7306V1005 Regional/Single Country Emerging Market Equity
Templeton Thailand A Acc USD in US UJ23 LU0078275988 Regional/Single Country Emerging Market Equity
Amundi CPR Global Agriculture SU Cap USD in US DMB9 LU0347595372 Sector Equity
BlackRock GF New Energy A2 USD in US MX08 LU0124384867 Sector Equity
Deutsche Invest I New Resources NC in US R487 LU0237015457 Sector Equity
First State Global Listed Infrastructure A GBP Acc in US A6X1 GB00B24HJC53 Sector Equity
Parvest Equity World Materials Classic Cap EUR in US YS24 LU0823419436 Sector Equity
Pictet Clean Energy R USD in US AET3 LU0280431049 Sector Equity
Pictet Nutrition R USD in US FER4 LU0428746043 Sector Equity
Polar Capital Asian Opportunities I GBP in US NOX4 IE00BDFF4R53 Sector Equity
Polar Capital Global Insurance B Acc GBP in US KW12 IE00B63V4760 Sector Equity
Variopartner SICAV MIV Global Medtech Fund P1 CHF in US G6D0 LU0329630999 Sector Equity
Aberdeen Global North American Smaller Companies A2 USD in US FBYP LU0566484027 US Equity
Baillie Gifford Worldwide US Equity Growth C Acc GBP in US GM8Y IE00B8H9N519 US Equity
Brown Advisory US Smaller Companies A USD in US AYJ5 IE00B0PVDG43 US Equity
Investec American Equity C Gr Inc USD in US IB04 LU0345774714 US Equity
Legg Mason ClearBridge US Large Cap Growth A(A) Dis USD in US X763 IE00B19Z8W00 US Equity
Morg Stnly US Growth I USD in US YM09 LU0042381250 US Equity
Old Mutual North American Equity A Acc USD in US M489 IE0031385887 US Equity
Schroder ISF US Small & Mid Cap Equity A Acc NAV USD in US EAB1 LU0205193047 US Equity
T. Rowe Price US Equity A USD in US FPG0 LU0429319345 US Equity
T. Rowe Price US Large Cap Growth Equity A USD in US TF38 LU0174119429 US Equity

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