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FSA Fund Awards Singapore 2022

We present the full shortlist of funds for Singapore.

FSA’s fund awards are based on data from FE Fundinfo, which applies the filters of alpha, volatility and consistency of performance over three years to narrow down the universe of 3,061 eligible funds in Singapore to 140 funds across 14 categories.

In Singapore, funds with “accredited investor” status are eligible. Eligible funds include only actively managed funds (ETFs, passive/tracking funds are excluded) and should have at least a three-year track record.

The shortlists are then given to independent judges from Asia’s fund selector community in Hong Kong and in Singapore.

Below are the shortlisted fund candidates (with Citicodes and ISIN) for Singapore.


Fund NameISINCiticode / TIDM
Allianz Oriental IncomeLU0348783233FEPT
Fullerton Asia Absolute AlphaLU1242518931C33T
JOHCM Asia ex JapanIE00B3ZQS767B00S
JPMorgan Asia GrowthHK0000038148A2H1
JPMorgan Asian Smaller CompaniesHK0000055647JH42
LO Asia High ConvictionLU1480990065C1GO
Matthews Asia ex Japan DividendLU1311310624MYYD
Morg Stnly Asia OpportunityLU1808492620OYUR
Nikko AM Shenton Emerging Enterprise DiscoverySG9999004311DC49
Quaero Capital BambooLU1206411313C3KF


Fund NameISINCiticode / TIDM
Allianz All China EquityLU1720050803OCIB
Allianz China A-SharesLU1997245177F0O7
Baring China A-ShareIE00BL2HXQ22IST5
CS (Lux) China RMB EquityLU1571278610O79Q
Fullgoal China Small-Mid Cap GrowthLU1171460220P3CT
JPM China A-Share OpportunitiesHK0000206067FMGZ
JPMorgan China Pioneer A-ShareHK0000055621AXW1
Matthews China Small CompaniesLU07218763640YFH
Robeco Chinese A-share EquitiesLU1664415368O47L
Schroder ISF All China EquityLU1831875114P7UR


Fund NameISINCiticode / TIDM
Berenberg European FocusLU1637618155C5PF
BL European Smaller CompaniesLU0832875438F40V
BlackRock GF Continental European FlexibleLU0071969892WB28
Candriam Equities L Europe InnovationLU0344046312LIT0
Comgest Growth EuropeIE00B6X8T61910P4
Fidelity European Dynamic GrowthLU0119124781FM58
Heptagon European Focus EquityIE00BPT33S32P37Y
Morg Stnly Europe OpportunityLU1394890807E8GT
Seilern EuropaIE00B68JD125MJI4
Threadneedle Pan European FocusGB00B01CWZ36TF11


Fund NameISINCiticode / TIDM
Carmignac EmergentsFR00111474460NQC
Carmignac Portfolio EmergentsLU1299303229E2PN
FF Emerging Markets FocusLU1102505762FNBU
GQG Partners Emerging Markets EquityIE00BYW5Q130O09L
JPM Emerging Markets EquityLU0053685615RT31
JPM Emerging Middle East EquityLU0117896257JB20
Morg Stnly Emerging Leaders EquityLU0819839092GMPV
Nordea 1 Emerging Stars EquityLU0602539602NIH1
PGIM Jennison Emerging Markets EquityIE00BF37GC66OTSK
Sands Capital Emerging Markets Growth FundIE00BDFMDW42OZV1


Fund NameISINCiticode / TIDM
Artemis US SelectGB00BMMV5105KRMC
BL American Smaller CompaniesLU1484763229OVRG
Heptagon Driehaus US Micro Cap EquityIE00BDB53G19O5MQ
Heptagon Yacktman US EquityIE00B6STVH450OKY
Janus Henderson US ContrarianIE0004444828JD99
Legg Mason ClearBridge US Equity Sustainability LeadersIE00BZ1G4Q59MSYO
Morg Stnly US GrowthLU0042381250YM09
UBS (Lux) Equity – Mid Caps USA (USD)LU0049842262UB47
VAM US Micro Cap GrowthLU0247234379V045
VAM US Mid Cap GrowthLU0214332925VB92


Fund NameISINCiticode / TIDM
Aberdeen Standard Malaysian EquitySG9999000442A218
ABSL India Quality AdvantageIE00BJ8RGP20PU5E
Allianz Emerging Asia EquityLU0348788117DF60
BNY Mellon Brazil EquityIE00B23S7L43A2H2
East Capital RussiaLU0272829119AFD3
JPM Korea Equity FundLU0301634860A6K3
JPMorgan KoreaHK0000055712JH56
Robeco Indian EquitiesLU0491217419KRE7
Schroder ISF Emerging AsiaLU0181495838AXF1
UBS (CH) Equity – Emerging Asia (USD)CH0000966991UD67


Fund NameISINCiticode / TIDM
Aberdeen Standard SICAV I Global Innovation EquityLU0476877211J1U2
Aberdeen Standard SICAV I World Smaller CompaniesLU0728928796GLLY
Artisan Global DiscoveryIE00BF2VV687O40W
GS Global Millennials Equity PortfolioLU0786609619F2IN
Heptagon WCM Global EquityIE00BYZ09279OTWJ
Liontrust Sustainable Future Global GrowthGB0030030067GN20
New Capital Global Equity ConvictionIE00BWGC5Q41ME1I
Schroder ISF Global Sustainable GrowthLU0557290698LXH5
Threadneedle (Lux) Global FocusLU0061474960AX38
Threadneedle Global Smaller CompaniesLU0570871375MWW3


Fund NameISINCiticode / TIDM
Alma Eikoh Japan Large Cap EquityLU1013116519OYJZ
BlackRock GF Japan Flexible EquityLU0212924517OS24
Fidelity Sustainable Japan EquityLU0048585144FJ04
GS Japan Equity Partners PortfolioLU1217870671FUPZ
JPM Japan EquityLU0053696224RT43
JPMorgan Japan (Yen)HK0000055670JH50
LionGlobal Japan GrowthSG9999002331A5D1
SuMi TRUST Japan Quality GrowthIE00BXC8H450MC4A
Tokio Marine Japanese Equity FocusIE00BYZSRZ06MPPZ


Fund NameISINCiticode / TIDM
Allianz Income and GrowthLU1129901515FP5R
CS (Lux) Portfolio Yield USDLU0078046959CP57
Franklin NextStep ConservativeLU1402199241E90E
GS Global Multi Asset Conservative PortfolioLU1057460674FL5V
HSBC GIF Managed Solutions Asia Focused ConservativeLU0854292488F75G
LGT GIM BalancedLI0108468880I9Q5
MulticooperationSICAV Julius Baer Strategy Income USDLU0175821353JP20
Schroder Multi Asset Revolution 30SG9999007769037R
UBS (Lux) SICAV 1- All-Rounder (USD)LU0397594465F0C9
UOB Growth Path Portfolio TodaySG9999001358U266


Fund NameISINCiticode / TIDM
Algebris Financial CreditIE00B8J38129NIVB
BlueBay Global Investment Grade Corporate BondLU1196383134FT1L
Capital Group Global Corporate Bond Fund (LUX)LU1746179297OM4S
Capital Group US Corporate Bond Fund (LUX)LU1567057721NS7W
Dodge & Cox Global Bond FundIE00B5568D66KG0Y
Legg Mason Western Asset Global Bond TrustSG9999005193Z933
M&G (Lux) Global Corporate BondLU1670712956PFPF
M&G Global Macro BondGB0031616815PK46
NN (L) Global Investment Grade CreditLU0674860647OTWL
UBS (Lux) Bond SICAV – Global Corporates (USD)LU0390870730HYO6


Fund NameISINCiticode / TIDM
AZ Bond – PatriotLU07389510360VUD
BlackRock BGF China BondLU0764816798106G
CS (Lux) Corporate Short Duration CHF BondLU0155952053C706
CS (Lux) Inflation Linked CHF BondLU0175163889ZW43
GS ESG-Enhanced Sterling Credit PortfolioLU0386574452E7B3
Merian Global Dynamic BondIE0031386521GZ55
New Capital Lux Swiss Franc BondsLU0148516585QY35
UBAM (CH) High Grade CHF IncomeCH0336225252C0UC
UBS (Lux) Bond – CHFLU0010001369UB90
UBS (Lux) Bond SICAV – Asian Investment Grade Bonds Sustainable (USD)LU1377678567E7ZK


Fund NameISINCiticode / TIDM
Abrdn Std SCV II Total Return CreditLU1438964634EA8G
BlackRock GF Asian High Yield BondLU1728556793OU1R
BlueBay Global High Yield BondLU054954921906QZ
Candriam Bonds Euro High YieldLU0012119607BI95
HSBC GIF Global High Income BondLU0524291613KJT6
LGT Select Bond High YieldLI00265646460L0L
MulticooperationSICAV Julius Baer Fixed Income Global Quality High YieldLU1374237581E86K
UBS (HK) China High Yield Bond (USD)HK0000318607O8C1
UBS (Lux) Bond SICAV – Asian High Yield (USD)LU06269066620VO4
Wellington Higher Quality Global High Yield BondIE00BF426977OQE2


Fund NameISINCiticode / TIDM
Allianz Emerging Markets Short Duration BondLU1579352243NUWO
CS (Lux) Emerging Market Corporate Investment Grade BondLU0592661523N3L5
GAM Multibond – Asian Income BondLU0784392382F23W
Janus Henderson Horizon Emerging Market Corporate BondLU1120394736FP2C
JGF-Jupiter Global Emerging Markets Corporate BondLU1551065813NQVU
JPM Emerging Markets Investment Grade BondLU0562246024M5Z4
MulticooperationSICAV Julius Baer Fixed Income Emerging Markets CorporateLU1079021553E8LB
Pimco GIS Asia Strategic Interest BondIE00B464Q616J5S0
Robeco Emerging SDG CreditsLU1071420613E1YF
UBS (Lux) Bond SICAV – Emerging Economies Corporates (USD)LU0896022034F85C


Fund NameISINCiticode / TIDM
BSF BlackRock Global Real Asset SecuritiesLU1669036888OC3Q
Cohen & Steers Global Listed InfrastructureLU1276744858C45M
Fidelity Global IndustrialsLU0114722902FF28
GS US Real Estate Balanced PortfolioLU0820775533F31D
Janus Henderson Global Real Estate Equity IncomeIE0033534441JO86
Janus Henderson Horizon Global Property EquitiesLU0209137388H008
LendInvest Real Estate OpportunityLU1004414204K9EE
LGT Capital Crown Listed Private EquityIE00BJVWTR76KSAA
LLB B&I Global Real Estate SecuritiesLI0301993643C6FW
Robeco Global Consumer Trends EquitiesLU1648456561O2AY

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