What is Spotlight On?

SpotlightOn is a multi-faceted, deep dive into a specific investment theme or asset class over a four-day period.

Throughout the week, under the new SpotlightOn section of the website, we will showcase up to four asset managers strategies and views through a variety of multimedia collateral including pre-recorded video, live virtual panel discussions, digital content, and independent editorial.

  • Day 1 – Fund manager 1 email showcase
  • Day 2 – Fund manager 2 email showcase
  • Day 3 – Fund manager 3 email showcase
  • Day 4 – LIVE event (distributor and fund manager panel discussions)

Find out more about each theme below.


Register now for the Spotlight On: ESG LIVE event – 8 September 2022

ESG 2022

5 Sep-8 Sep

Income 2022

20 Jun-22 Jun

Equities 2022

25 Apr-27 Apr


22 Feb-25 Feb

ESG – March

22 Mar-25 Mar

Fixed Income

3 May-6 May


15 Jun-17 Jun

ESG – September

13 Sep-16 Sep


18 Oct-21 Oct