A tipping point for ESG investing?

As assets re-price and investors grapple with the reality of today’s market environment, questions are emerging about the sustainability of sustainable investing. It is a pivotal time for ESG investment strategies.

Although the integration of ESG factors into investment processes has gained momentum within Asia over the past couple of years, it is still at a relatively early stage for many investors. Further, the challenges that portfolios face from rising interest rates, inflation and geopolitical tension – among other dynamics – have weighed on the performance of ESG-compliant securities. This has cast a shadow over the appeal, and even relevance, of ESG investing.

In addition, investors are increasingly querying how they can address hurdles in data comparability, transparency and reporting.

Against this backdrop, Spotlight On: ESG brings together investment specialists from the private wealth and fund management communities to discuss and debate market trends. They will highlight the opportunities, challenges and outlook for ESG and thematic strategies, with key questions in mind, including:

  • What does the outlook for ESG funds look like given the need to ensure financial performance in addition to ‘doing the right thing’?
  • How high on the agenda really is sustainability amid the other portfolio priorities for investors today?
  • Can the industry ensure greater clarity around different ESG investment options and their legitimacy?
  • Where can investors source the required quantitative evidence to create comfort with ESG investing?
  • How will looming regulations and standards impact how investors define and assess ESG strategies?
  • Where will ESG strategies fit amid evolving approaches to portfolio construction and recalibrated models?

Join this event to hear insights and experiences in an engaging and interactive session that explores how to make ESG matter to your portfolio.


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