FSA Fund Awards shortlist: Part 4

FSA Awards

FSA reveals shortlisted funds in the final three asset class categories in the fifth annual FSA Fund Management Awards.

In total there are 14 asset class categories each for Hong Kong and Singapore. The shortlisted funds (listed with their Citicodes and ISIN) are based on FE Advisory’s quantitative filters that test for alpha, volatility and consistency over multiple time periods.

The fund selection community in Asia is currently voting for the winning funds, choosing from the shortlist. The result will be a Platinum and Gold winner in each asset class.

FSA also gives two firm awards based on answers to fill-in questions from the judges.

One is for the most service-oriented fund house and one for product innovation.

All winners will be officially announced at our awards luncheons in January.

Click for part 1, part 2 and part 3

Tomorrow, FSA will publish the full shortlist of funds for both Hong Kong and Singapore.



Hong Kong


High Yield

Barings Global Senior Secured BondJTLDIE00B44PCR96
BOCHK All Weather China High Yield BondN2MXHK0000140357
Fidelity Asian High YieldW957LU0286668453
Income Partners Managed Volatility High Yield Bond0GB4HK0000421419
Pimco GIS US High Yield BondPD95IE0002460974
Robeco European High Yield BondsR030LU0226953981
Value Partners Greater China High Yield IncomePA6IKYG9319N3150


Emerging Market Bond

Aberdeen Global Emerging Markets Corporate BondN1N7LU0566480116
BNY Mellon Emerging Markets Corporate DebtGM4RIE00B6VJMC30
Fidelity Emerging Market DebtQH65LU0238205446
Investec Emerging Markets Hard Currency DebtNAO9LU0611396218
JPM Emerging Markets DebtIDU6LU0471471150
NB Emerging Market Debt Hard CurrencyJE4OIE00B986J944
T. Rowe Price Emerging Markets BondY855LU0207127084


Sector Equity

AB International Health Care PortfolioXH61LU0100122521
BlackRock GF New EnergyMX08LU0124384867
BlackRock GF World TechnologyMO65LU0056508442
Fidelity Asia Pacific PropertyQ744LU0270844359
First State Global Listed InfrastructureCNS0IE00B29SXL02
Invesco Global LeisureI147LU0052864419
Janus Henderson Global TechnologyJG22IE0009356076
Janus Henderson Horizon Pan European Property EquitiesHY03LU0088927925
JGF-Jupiter Global FinancialsJ262LU0262307480
Pictet Clean EnergyAET2LU0280435461




High Yield

Amundi II Emerging Markets Corporate High Yield BondF18LLU0765561484
AXA World Funds US Dynamic High Yield BondsFO0ILU1105449950
Income Partners Managed Volatility High Yield Bond0GB4HK0000421419
Janus Henderson Horizon Global High Yield BondFEIQLU0978624194
Natixis Loomis Sayles High IncomeIAG8IE00B5L92821
Nomura US High Yield Bond13JHIE00B78CF785
Robeco High Yield BondsNNS1LU0594695099
Robeco QI Dynamic High YieldFQEALU1152268865
UBAM Global High Yield SolutionMCO1LU0569864480
UOB United Asian High Yield BondJ8KPSG9999010029


Emerging Market Bond

Aberdeen Global Emerging Markets Corporate BondN1N7LU0566480116
Aberdeen Global Frontier Markets BondFG5KLU1011993638
Amundi II Emerging Markets BondPM22LU0119402005
Franklin Emerging Market Corporate Debt0XNLLU0726995136
Lazard Emerging Markets BondLUT8IE00B4K0TK04
M&G Emerging Markets BondJD0KGB00B8BXQV60
Robeco Emerging CreditsFQ7TLU1143725874
T. Rowe Price Emerging Markets BondY855LU0207127084
Vontobel Emerging Markets DebtF8GNLU0926439562
Wellington Opportunistic Emerging Markets DebtG4Q3IE00B3DJ3J46


Sector Equity

BlackRock GF New EnergyMX08LU0124384867
Janus Henderson Horizon Global Property EquitiesH008LU0209137388
Multipartner SICAV RobecoSAM Smart EnergyJ232LU0267927894
Multipartner SICAV RobecoSAM Smart MaterialsDEG6LU0267928942
NN (L) UtilitiesIN83LU0121207376
Polar Capital Global InsuranceKW12IE00B63V4760
SIA Long Term Investment Natural ResourcesACP8LU0301247234
UBS (Lux) Real Estate Selection – GlobalF8RELU0349525237
Value Partners Health CareOBNBIE00BSM8VZ90
Variopartner SICAV MIV Global Medtech FundG6D0LU0329630999


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