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FSA Fund Awards shortlist: Part 4

FSA reveals the shortlisted funds for three asset class categories in the third annual FSA Fund Awards.

In total there are 15 asset class categories each for Hong Kong and Singapore. The shortlisted funds (listed with their Citicodes) are based on FE Advisory Asia’s quantitative filters that test for alpha, volatility and consistency over multiple time periods. 

The fund selection community in Asia is currently voting for the winning funds, choosing from the shortlist. The result will be a Platinum and Gold winner in each asset class. Winners will be officially announced at our awards luncheons in January.

On Wednesday we will publish the final categories of shortlisted funds.







Hong Kong

Japanese Equity

BW74    Invesco Nippon Small/Mid Cap Equity A JPY

E569      Fidelity Japan Aggressive I Acc JPY

EK52      Invesco Japanese Equity Advantage A Acc JPY

GG31    GAM Star Japan Equity Acc JPY

HY10     Henderson Horizon Japanese Smaller Companies A2 Acc USD

JH50      JPMorgan Japan (Yen) NAV

JH53      JPMorgan Japan Smaller Company (Yen) NAV


Mixed Asset

043B     Schroder Asian Asset Income A Acc HKD

A083     PineBridge Asia Balanced L

F75G     HSBC GIF Managed Solutions Asia Focused Conservative AC USD

GRTK     Amundi HK Balanced Classic Acc USD

HSZ8     HSBC Portfolios World Selection 2 AC USD

I3VM     BEA Union Investment Asia Pacific Multi Income A Dis

JF8U      Fidelity Global Multi Asset Income A Acc USD

JS66       JPM Asia Pacific Income A Acc NAV USD

YD48     MFS Meridian Global Total Return B2 USD

ZW59    First State Asian Bridge Dis


Regional Bond

0WL7    Bosera RMB Bond

AW29   Parvest Bond Asia Ex Japan Classic Cap USD

BNH9    HSBC Asian Bond AM USD

DLG3     Eastspring Inv Asian Bond A USD

E3U1     HS Mainland China Bond A Acc

FAU4     HS Mainland and Hong Kong Corporate Bond A

FGN9     BEA Union Investment Asian Bond and Currency A Acc USD

GNCK    E Fund Mgmt (HK) Ltd RMB Fixed Income A

NGO3    Fidelity Asian Bond A Mdis USD

ZO96     First State Asian Bond I



Mixed Asset

037R     Schroder Multi Asset Revolution 30

CM63    First State Global Balanced SGD

F0C9      UBS (Lux) SICAV 1- All-Rounder (USD) P Acc

F380      Russell MULTI-ASSET 35 A Roll Up

F75G     HSBC GIF Managed Solutions Asia Focused Conservative AC USD

FAZ3      Strategie Konservativ USD B

HSZ2     HSBC Portfolios World Selection 1 AC USD

JF8U      Fidelity Global Multi Asset Income A Acc USD

JP20      JB Strategy Income USD B

UA43     UBS (Lux) Strategy – Yield (USD) P Acc


Regional Bond

064E      AB RMB Income Plus Portfolio C2 USD

0GB6     Income Partners Renminbi High Yield Bond 2B Acc CNH

BDQ9    Franklin European Total Return A MDis EUR

F3EP      CS (Lux) Asia Corporate Bond B USD

F51Q     Deutsche Invest II China High Income Bonds USD LC

F7IX       BlueBay Investment Grade Bond C USD AIDiv

GL93     GAM US Dollar Special Bond Open

GL97     GAM Interest Trend Open

I9U6      UBS (Lux) Bond – Full Cycle Asian Bond (USD) P Acc

ZF35      Amundi Bond Europe AE Cap EUR


Regional/Single Country Emerging Market Equity

0GCD    APS Vietnam Alpha B USD

A3T1     JPMorgan India Smaller Companies NAV

A5D3     LionGlobal Korea Acc SGD

B6Z1      Emirates MENA Opportunities A USD

CU43     Aviva Investors Emerging Europe Equity B EUR

EG51     East Cap Balkan SEK

F6IE       HSBC GIF Mexico Equity AC USD

GW61   Invesco Korean Equity A Annual Dis USD

NBL5     Charlemagne Magna MENA N EUR

QO46    PineBridge India Equity A USD

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