FSA Awards 2019 shortlist – Hong Kong

FSA Awards

The full shortlist in the Hong Kong universe, chosen from 1326 eligible funds.

The 14 category shortlist for Hong Kong is based on FE Advisory’s quantitative filters that test for alpha, volatility and consistency over multiple time periods and on a risk-adjusted basis.

The shortlist was given to an independent panel of well-known professionals from Asia’s fund selector community. The judges’ selections from the shortlists will determine two winners in each category (Platinum and Gold).

The judges are currently voting and winners will be contacted soon. The formal announcement of Platinum and Gold winners wlll be done at the FSA Awards luncheon in January.

Two firm awards, one for the most-service-oriented fund house and one for product innovation, as chosen by the fund selector judges, will also be revealed.

For the full Singapore shortlist, click here.


Hong Kong had 128 funds shortlisted out of a universe of 1345:

Barings Asia GrowthW560IE0000830129Asia Pacific Equity
Fidelity Asia Pacific OpportunitiesB9F4LU0345361124Asia Pacific Equity
Fidelity Asian Special SituationsFE47LU0054237671Asia Pacific Equity
First State Asia Pacific SelectJO4PIE00B0169L03Asia Pacific Equity
First State Asian Equity PlusZW77IE0032834883Asia Pacific Equity
Janus Henderson Horizon Asian GrowthGP89LU0622223799Asia Pacific Equity
JPMorgan Asia GrowthA2H1HK0000038148Asia Pacific Equity
JPMorgan Pacific SecuritiesJH63HK0000055746Asia Pacific Equity
Schroder ISF Asian OpportunitiesDAY7LU0106259558Asia Pacific Equity
Schroder ISF Asian Total ReturnARO8LU0326949269Asia Pacific Equity
First State China GrowthCM43IE0008368742Greater China/China equity
First State Greater China GrowthRJ12IE0031814852Greater China/China equity
HS China EquityH379Greater China/China equity
Invesco China Focus Equity0M8PLU0717749021Greater China/China equity
Invesco Greater China EquityBW61LU0048816135Greater China/China equity
Investec All China EquityFV7JLU1251922891Greater China/China Equity
Matthews Asia China DividendI8ZFLU0875300609Greater China/China Equity
Matthews Asia China Small Companies0YFHLU0721876364Greater China/China Equity
UBS (Lux) Equity – China Opportunity (USD)UA34LU0067412154Greater China/China equity
UBS (Lux) Equity – Greater China (USD)UB43LU0072913022Greater China/China equity
AB Eurozone Equity PortfolioLNO3LU0528103020European Equity
Allianz Euroland Equity GrowthFEMVLU0256840447European Equity
Barings Europe Select TrustBO05GB0000796242European Equity
Fidelity European Dynamic GrowthFM58LU0119124781European Equity
Fidelity European Smaller CompaniesFJ98LU0061175625European Equity
HSBC GIF Euroland Equity Smaller CompaniesHQ15LU0165073775European Equity
JGF-Jupiter European GrowthJ241LU0260085492European Equity
MFS Meridian European Core EquityMZ56LU0125946151European Equity
MFS Meridian European ValueMZ68LU0125951151European Equity
Standard Life Investments European Smaller CompaniesDWS0LU0306632414European Equity
FF Emerging Markets FocusFNBWLU1102505929Global Emerging Market Equity
HSBC GIF Emerging WealthCAF3LU0309123817Global Emerging Market Equity
JPM Emerging Markets EquityF169LU0053685615Global Emerging Market Equity
MFS Meridian Emerging Markets EquityACM8LU0219444832Global Emerging Market Equity
Mirae Asset GEM Sector Leader EquityIIU9LU0413497198Global Emerging Market Equity
Schroder ISF Global Emerging Market OpportunitiesEKZ5LU0327381686Global Emerging Market Equity
T. Rowe Price Emerging Markets EquityTF28LU0133084623Global Emerging Market Equity
Amundi Vietnam OpportunitiesBKT4HK0000329125Regional/Single Country Emerging Market Equity
First State Indian SubcontinentCM48IE0008369930Regional/Single Country Emerging Market Equity
JPMorgan ThailandJH69HK0000055787Regional/Single Country Emerging Market Equity
JPMorgan Vietnam OpportunitiesAYF8HK0000055811Regional/Single Country Emerging Market Equity
Manulife Taiwan EquityO919LU0278409734Regional/Single Country Emerging Market Equity
PineBridge India EquityMFGRHK0000227006Regional/Single Country Emerging Market Equity
PineBridge Latin America Small and Mid Cap EquityZ749IE00B1RM6L88Regional/Single Country Emerging Market Equity
Schroder ISF Emerging EuropeAXG5LU0133716950Regional/Single Country Emerging Market Equity
Templeton ThailandUJ23LU0078275988Regional/Single Country Emerging Market Equity
Value Partners TaiwanC1K8KYG9318Y1061Regional/Single Country Emerging Market Equity
Allianz Global Equity UnconstrainedFEOWLU0342677829Global Equity
Fidelity Global Demographics0VV8LU0528227936Global Equity
Investec Global FranchiseGQK4LU0440694312Global Equity
JGF-Jupiter Global ValueG7R8LU0425094421Global Equity
Morg Stnly Global BrandsMP78LU0119620416Global Equity
Morg Stnly Global OpportunityMCT9LU0552385451Global Equity
Stewart Investors Worldwide Equity03FBIE00B5W3SY16Global Equity
Stewart Investors Worldwide LeadersCM51IE0008368304Global Equity
T. Rowe Price Global Focused Growth EquityTF30LU0143551892Global Equity
Threadneedle (Lux) Global FocusAX38LU0061474960Global Equity
Fidelity Japan AdvantageFP40LU0161332480Japanese Equity
Fidelity Japan AggressiveE569LU0261965585Japanese Equity
Invesco Japanese Equity AdvantageEK52LU0607514717Japanese Equity
Invesco Japanese Value Equity0D7FLU0607516092Japanese Equity
JGF-Jupiter Japan SelectFPK8LU0425093290Japanese Equity
JPMorgan Japan (Yen)JH50HK0000055670Japanese Equity
Schroder ISF Japanese OpportunitiesEIS9LU0270819674Japanese Equity
AB American Growth PortfolioAM71LU0079475777US Equity
BlackRock GF US GrowthMO57LU0097036916US Equity
JPM US GrowthCI85LU0119063898US Equity
Legg Mason ClearBridge US Large Cap GrowthX763IE00B19Z8W00US Equity
Morg Stnly US AdvantageQR85LU0225737302US Equity
Morg Stnly US GrowthDPG5LU0176155215US Equity
T. Rowe Price US Blue Chip EquityB4Y2LU0133085943US Equity
T. Rowe Price US Large Cap Growth EquityTF38LU0174119429US Equity
Wells Fargo Worldwide US All Cap GrowthEJR3LU0353189680US Equity
Wells Fargo Worldwide US Large Cap GrowthEJR6LU0354030438US Equity
Allianz Asian Multi Income PlusJ2J9LU0488056044Mixed Asset
Allianz Income and Growth0LGZLU0689472784Mixed Asset
BEA Union Investment Asia Pacific Multi IncomeI3VMHK0000107257Mixed Asset
Capital Group Global Allocation (LUX)FGXJLU1006080060Mixed Asset
First State Asian BridgeZW59HK0000012440Mixed Asset
HSBC GIF Managed Solutions Asia Focused ConservativeF75GLU0854292488Mixed Asset
HSBC GIF Managed Solutions Asia Focused IncomeG25GLU0762541174Mixed Asset
Janus Henderson BalancedJF87IE0004445015Mixed Asset
Schroder Asian Asset Income043BHK0000081841Mixed Asset
UBS (Lux) Key Selection SICAV – China Allocation Opportunity (USD)FUZOLU1226287529Mixed Asset
AXA USD Hedged Global BondAV90HK0000075595Global Bond
BlackRock GF Global Inflation Linked BondFNR7LU0425308086Global Bond
Capital Group Global High Income Opportunities (LUX)C258LU0110450813Global Bond
JPM IncomeFKBILU1041599405Global Bond
Legg Mason Western Asset Short Duration High Income BondCTW7IE00B19Z5K72Global Bond
New Capital Wealthy Nations Bond0P34IE00B6VQXN27Global Bond
Pimco GIS Global BondX213IE00B0MD9M11Global Bond
Pimco GIS Global Investment Grade CreditP697IE0033386453Global Bond
Principal GIF Preferred SecuritiesWV70IE00B067MS69Regional Bond
Standard Life Investments Global Inflation Linked BondEJB9LU0213069676Global Bond
AB Mortgage Income PortfolioFI0VLU1021291304Regional Bond
Allianz HKD IncomeFEPHLU0815945547Regional Bond
BEA Union Investment Asian Bond and CurrencyFGN9HK0000065208Regional Bond
BEA Union Investment RMB Core BondK7UOHK0000176732Regional Bond
BOCHK HK Dollar IncomeK775HK0000039773Regional Bond
CUAM Hong Kong Dollar BondMFHZHK0000161320Regional Bond
HFT (HK) China RMB Fixed IncomeGNJXHK0000099363Regional Bond
HS Hong Kong BondHM57Regional Bond
HS RMB BondLWD0HK0000284866Regional Bond
Pimco GIS IncomeI1YRIE00B7KFL990Regional Bond
Barings Global Senior Secured BondJTLDIE00B44PCR96High Yield
BOCHK All Weather China High Yield BondN2MXHK0000140357High Yield
Fidelity Asian High YieldW957LU0286668453High Yield
Income Partners Managed Volatility High Yield Bond0GB4HK0000421419High Yield
Pimco GIS US High Yield BondPD95IE0002460974High Yield
Robeco European High Yield BondsR030LU0226953981High Yield
Value Partners Greater China High Yield IncomePA6IKYG9319N3150High Yield
Aberdeen Global Emerging Markets Corporate BondN1N7LU0566480116Emerging Market Bond
BNY Mellon Emerging Markets Corporate DebtGM4RIE00B6VJMC30Emerging Market Bond
Fidelity Emerging Market DebtQH65LU0238205446Emerging Market Bond
Investec Emerging Markets Hard Currency DebtNAO9LU0611396218Emerging Market Bond
JPM Emerging Markets DebtIDU6LU0471471150Emerging Market Bond
NB Emerging Market Debt Hard CurrencyJE4OIE00B986J944Emerging Market Bond
T. Rowe Price Emerging Markets BondY855LU0207127084Emerging Market Bond
AB International Health Care PortfolioXH61LU0100122521Sector Equity
BlackRock GF New EnergyMX08LU0124384867Sector Equity
BlackRock GF World TechnologyMO65LU0056508442Sector Equity
Fidelity Asia Pacific PropertyQ744LU0270844359Sector Equity
First State Global Listed InfrastructureCNS0IE00B29SXL02Sector Equity
Invesco Global LeisureI147LU0052864419Sector Equity
Janus Henderson Global TechnologyJG22IE0009356076Sector Equity
Janus Henderson Horizon Pan European Property EquitiesHY03LU0088927925Sector Equity
JGF-Jupiter Global FinancialsJ262LU0262307480Sector Equity
Pictet Clean EnergyAET2LU0280435461Sector Equity

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