FSA Awards 2019 shortlist – Singapore

FSA Awards

FSA presents the full shortlist of funds in the Singapore universe, chosen from 2723 eligible funds.

The 14 category shortlist for Singapore is based on FE Advisory’s quantitative filters that test for alpha, volatility and consistency over multiple time periods and on a risk-adjusted basis.

The shortlist was given to an independent panel of well-known professionals from Asia’s fund selector community. The judges’ selections from the shortlists will determine two winners in each category (Platinum and Gold).

The judges are currently voting and winners will be contacted soon. The Platinum and Gold winners wlll be announced formally at the FSA Awards luncheon in January.

Two firm awards, one for the most-service-oriented fund house and one for product innovation, as chosen by the fund selector judges, will also be revealed.

For the full Hong Kong shortlist, click here.


Singapore had 140 shortlisted funds chosen from 2652 eligible funds:

Fidelity Asia Pacific OpportunitiesF27HLU0820712619Asia Pacific Equity
Fidelity Asian Smaller Companies0M9ILU0702159343Asia Pacific Equity
First State Asian Equity PlusZW77IE0032834883Asia Pacific Equity
Invesco Asia Opportunities EquityTE74LU0075112721Asia Pacific Equity
JPMorgan Pacific SecuritiesJH63HK0000055746Asia Pacific Equity
Quaero Capital The BambooC3KFLU1206411313Asia Pacific Equity
Schroder ISF Asian OpportunitiesDAY7LU0106259558Asia Pacific Equity
Schroder ISF Asian Total ReturnARO8LU0326949269Asia Pacific Equity
UBS (Lux) Key Selection SICAV – Asian Equities (USD)U367LU0235996351Asia Pacific Equity
Wellington Asian OpportunitiesMEM7LU0564044146Asia Pacific Equity
First State China GrowthCM43IE0008368742Greater China/China equity
First State Greater China Growth04CYIE00B54HF843Greater China/China equity
GAM Multistock – China Evolution EquityFF6GLU0982189804Greater China/China Equity
Invesco China Focus Equity0M8PLU0717749021Greater China/China equity
Investec All China EquityFV7JLU1251922891Greater China/China Equity
Matthews Asia China DividendI8ZFLU0875300609Greater China/China Equity
Matthews Asia China Small Companies0YFHLU0721876364Greater China/China Equity
UBS (CAY) China A OpportunityF0NMKYG9179K1040Greater China/China Equity
UBS (Lux) Equity – Greater China (USD)UB43LU0072913022Greater China/China equity
Vontobel mtx China LeadersDAE6LU0278092191Greater China/China Equity
Acadian European Equity UCITSKE1TIE00B138F130European Equity
BlackRock SF European Opportunities ExtensionAWY3LU0313923228European Equity
Carmignac Long-Short European EquitiesC2R1FR0010149179European Equity
Comgest Growth Europe OpportunitiesJWHYIE00BD5HXJ66European Equity
MFS Meridian European ValueMZ68LU0125951151European Equity
Nordea 1 Nordic Equity Small CapC6U4LU0278528822European Equity
Oddo BHF Avenir EuroIQY8FR0000990095European Equity
Oddo BHF Avenir EuropeIQY9FR0000974149European Equity
T. Rowe Price European Smaller Companies EquityDWY4LU0382931250European Equity
Threadneedle European Smaller CompaniesTH45GB0001531424European Equity
BMO LGM Frontier Market0NO4IE00B54MVM56Global Emerging Market Equity
BMO Responsible Global Emerging Markets EquityFD03LU0153359632Global Emerging Market Equity
Hermes Global Emerging Markets0I7XIE00B3NFBQ59Global Emerging Market Equity
HSBC GIF Emerging WealthCCS4LU0309124039Global Emerging Market Equity
JPM Emerging Markets Small CapARE3LU0318931358Global Emerging Market Equity
LO Emerging High ConvictionF2GTLU0690088363Global Emerging Market Equity
Magna New FrontiersN8H8IE00B65LCL41Global Emerging Market Equity
Schroder Global Emerging Market OpportunitiesKTY7SG9999006852Global Emerging Market Equity
Schroder ISF Global Emerging Market OpportunitiesEKZ1LU0269905484Global Emerging Market Equity
Wellington Emerging Markets OpportunitiesJOMCIE00BCDZ0H21Global Emerging Market Equity
APS Vietnam Alpha0GCDIE00B459ZB51Regional/Single Country Emerging Market Equity
Investec Latin American Smaller CompaniesG6VOLU0804467214Regional/Single Country Emerging Market Equity
JPM Korea EquityA6K3LU0301634860Regional/Single Country Emerging Market Equity
Lazard MenaJJ6WIE00B7YD8J82Regional/Single Country Emerging Market Equity
Magna MENANBL5IE00B3QPMN62Regional/Single Country Emerging Market Equity
Manulife Taiwan EquityO919LU0278409734Regional/Single Country Emerging Market Equity
Nomura India EquityK8M4IE00B3SHDY84Regional/Single Country Emerging Market Equity
PXP Vietnam Emerging EquityDMF9KYG7306V1005Regional/Single Country Emerging Market Equity
SEB 2 RussiaQ188LU0273119544Regional/Single Country Emerging Market Equity
Templeton ThailandUJ23LU0078275988Regional/Single Country Emerging Market Equity
AB Low Volatility Equity PortfolioF4CILU0861579265Global Equity
BNY Mellon Global Equity IncomeKJP6IE00B3X1G796Global Equity
Fundsmith Equity Feeder0L3RLU0690374615Global Equity
LGT Sustainable Equity GlobalLL81LI0148540466Global Equity
Morg Stnly Global BrandsMP78LU0119620416Global Equity
Morg Stnly Global OpportunityMCT9LU0552385451Global Equity
Nikko AM Shenton Global OpportunitiesDC51SG9999004303Global Equity
Partners Group Global Value SICAVGNJFLU0286629125Global Equity
Threadneedle (Lux) Global Smaller CompaniesMWW3LU0570871375Global Equity
Wellington Global Quality GrowthN33DLU1084869962Global Equity
BL Equities JapanOYD2LU0578148537Japanese Equity
CS Investment 2 CS (Lux) Japan Value EquityNIA8LU0496466821Japanese Equity
Edmond de Rothschild JapanMFQ5FR0010976555Japanese Equity
Fidelity Japan AggressiveFJHELU1060955314Japanese Equity
GAM Star Japan EquityGG31IE0003014572Japanese Equity
GS Japan Equity Partners PortfolioFUPZLU1217870671Japanese Equity
JPMorgan Japan (Yen)JH50HK0000055670Japanese Equity
Nomura Japan High ConvictionJKHYIE00BBT38139Japanese Equity
RWC Nissay Japan FocusE4GALU1212749227Japanese Equity
T. Rowe Price Japanese EquityY846LU0230817339Japanese Equity
Artemis US EquityKRMBGB00BMMV4S07US Equity
Artemis US Smaller CompaniesKRMDGB00BMMV5766US Equity
Baillie Gifford Worldwide US Equity GrowthGM8YIE00B8H9N519US Equity
Brown Advisory US Smaller CompaniesAYJ5IE00B0PVDG43US Equity
JPM US Small Cap GrowthRT68LU0053671581US Equity
Morg Stnly US GrowthYM09LU0042381250US Equity
Morg Stnly US InsightFPHPLU1121084831US Equity
Seilern Stryx AmericaD5E3IE00B1ZBRN64US Equity
VAM US Small Cap GrowthV046LU0247231789US Equity
William Blair SICAV US Small Mid Cap GrowthN6Y5LU0181864389US Equity
BL Global Flexible USDBMXWLU0962813746Mixed Asset
Capital Group Global Allocation (LUX)FGXJLU1006080060Mixed Asset
First State BridgeYZ94SG9999002067Mixed Asset
First State Global BalancedCM63SG9999000178Mixed Asset
GAM Star GrowthI0YEIE00B8FMPT07Mixed Asset
HSBC GIF Managed Solutions Asia Focused ConservativeF75GLU0854292488Mixed Asset
HSBC GIF Managed Solutions Asia Focused IncomeG25GLU0762541174Mixed Asset
Janus Henderson BalancedJF87IE0004445015Mixed Asset
Pimco GIS Strategic IncomeJZKSIE00BG800R07Mixed Asset
UBS (Lux) SICAV 1- All-Rounder (USD)F0C9LU0397594465Mixed Asset
Amundi Bond Global CorporateG4Z1LU0319688874Global Bond
DCI Global Investment Grade Corporate Bond UCITSO6P3IE00B39RTX86Global Bond
Invesco Global Investment Grade Corporate BondG4B6LU0432616497Global Bond
JPM Global Corporate BondKVG4LU0537373747Global Bond
Legg Mason Western Asset Global CreditM4E4IE00B53R4L11Global Bond
Parvest Sustainable Bond World CorporateBQK9LU0282388437Global Bond
Pimco GIS Global Investment Grade CreditP697IE0033386453Global Bond
Schroder ISF Global Corporate BondEKS0LU0053903380Global Bond
T. Rowe Price Global Investment Grade Corporate BondMEPJLU1216622990Global Bond
UOB United High Grade Corporate BondICI8SG9999006399Global Bond
AB Mortgage Income PortfolioFI0XLU1021291643Regional Bond
BlueBay Investment Grade BondEOG0LU0217402501Regional Bond
BlueBay Investment Grade Euro Government BondFQFRLU0549537040Regional Bond
Capital Group Euro Corporate Bond (LUX)L0L3LU0538249359Regional Bond
Morg Stnly Euro Strategic BondYM30LU0034265644Regional Bond
Natixis Loomis Sayles Senior LoanI180LU0198817768Regional Bond
NN (L) Euro CreditIQ37LU0546918409Regional Bond
Oddo BHF Euro Corporate BondWC54LU0145975065Regional Bond
Pimco GIS IncomeI1YRIE00B7KFL990Regional Bond
Schroder ISF EURO Corporate BondAXO4LU0113257694Regional Bond
Amundi II Emerging Markets Corporate High Yield BondF18LLU0765561484High Yield
AXA World Funds US Dynamic High Yield BondsFO0ILU1105449950High Yield
Income Partners Managed Volatility High Yield Bond0GB4HK0000421419High Yield
Janus Henderson Horizon Global High Yield BondFEIQLU0978624194High Yield
Natixis Loomis Sayles High IncomeIAG8IE00B5L92821High Yield
Nomura US High Yield Bond13JHIE00B78CF785High Yield
Robeco High Yield BondsNNS1LU0594695099High Yield
Robeco QI Dynamic High YieldFQEALU1152268865High Yield
UBAM Global High Yield SolutionMCO1LU0569864480High Yield
UOB United Asian High Yield BondJ8KPSG9999010029High Yield
Aberdeen Global Emerging Markets Corporate BondN1N7LU0566480116Emerging Market Bond
Aberdeen Global Frontier Markets BondFG5KLU1011993638Emerging Market Bond
Amundi II Emerging Markets BondPM22LU0119402005Emerging Market Bond
Franklin Emerging Market Corporate Debt0XNLLU0726995136Emerging Market Bond
Lazard Emerging Markets BondLUT8IE00B4K0TK04Emerging Market Bond
M&G Emerging Markets BondJD0KGB00B8BXQV60Emerging Market Bond
Robeco Emerging CreditsFQ7TLU1143725874Emerging Market Bond
T. Rowe Price Emerging Markets BondY855LU0207127084Emerging Market Bond
Vontobel Emerging Markets DebtF8GNLU0926439562Emerging Market Bond
Wellington Opportunistic Emerging Markets DebtG4Q3IE00B3DJ3J46Emerging Market Bond
BlackRock GF New EnergyMX08LU0124384867Sector Equity
Janus Henderson Horizon Global Property EquitiesH008LU0209137388Sector Equity
Multipartner SICAV RobecoSAM Smart EnergyJ232LU0267927894Sector Equity
Multipartner SICAV RobecoSAM Smart MaterialsDEG6LU0267928942Sector Equity
NN (L) UtilitiesIN83LU0121207376Sector Equity
Polar Capital Global InsuranceKW12IE00B63V4760Sector Equity
SIA Long Term Investment Natural ResourcesACP8LU0301247234Sector Equity
UBS (Lux) Real Estate Selection – GlobalF8RELU0349525237Sector Equity
Value Partners Health CareOBNBIE00BSM8VZ90Sector Equity
Variopartner SICAV MIV Global Medtech FundG6D0LU0329630999Sector Equity


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