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Winners of the FSA Fund Awards in Hong Kong are…

The Hong Kong winners in FSA's fourth annual Fund Management Awards were announced today at a luncheon at the American Club. We present the winners roundup.
Winners of the FSA Fund Awards in Hong Kong are...

The highlights of FSA’s fourth annual fund management awards included three firms − Blackrock, Fidelity and JP Morgan − that won in three categories each.

The winners were selected through both quantitative and qualitative methods. FE Advisory used its Crown Rating methodology to assess funds based on alpha, volatility and consistency and create a shortlist for 14 asset classes.

The shortlist was given to an independent panel of professionals from Asia’s fund selector community in Hong Kong. Each judge selected the funds they thought would outperform in the next 12 months. Their aggregated choices determined the Platinum and Gold winners.

Service and innovation

This year, FSA also included two firm awards. FSA did not choose the winners of these awards, the fund selector community in Asia did.

We asked the fund selector judges to single out firms that have been a standout in 2017 on two crucial elements of asset management: Going the extra mile for service and product innovation.

We did this by providing a free form question to our 40 judges and asked them to give examples to justify their choice. FSA totalled up their selections resulting in a Platinum and Gold winner in each of the two categories.

We thank the fund selector judges for their support and congratulations to all the winners.

On January 23, the Singapore FSA Awards luncheon was held at the Tower Club. View the Singapore winners here.

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