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VAM offers DFM in Asia

VAM Funds and Close Brothers Asset Management plan to offer discretionary fund management services in Asia, according to Nigel Watson, sales director at VAM Funds.

“DFM [discretionary fund management] in Asia is about to enter a period of significant growth,” said Watson.

“Some fund selectors and wealth managers will look to provide discretionary management services directly to their HNWI [high net worth individual] clients, through either bespoke or model portfolios.”

The service will offer three multi-asset products:  the VAM Close Brothers Cautious Fund, the VAM Close Brothers Balanced Fund and the VAM Close Brothers Growth Fund. 

Each of the three diversified multi-asset risk-rated investment portfolios is designed to suit a specific risk profile and investment preference.

The products will be offered only to clients under discretionary management at private banks and financial advisories.

“In the retail market across Asia, many financial advisers are increasingly coming round to the view that picking funds and constructing and managing investment portfolios is not the job of a financial planner,” said Watson.

“Advisers will increasingly look to de-risk their business by effectively outsourcing investment decisions and management, with discretionary managed funds,” he added.

There is a recognition among advisers that outsourcing certain responsibilities or making them more systems-driven can make businesses stronger, he said. 

“This is driving increased demand for DFM services.”

At the end of June, VAM Funds and Close Brothers Asset Management announced a strategic partnership to address what they believe is growing demand from non-UK-based advisers and their clients for discretionary fund management services.

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