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Syfe launches DPM in Hong Kong

The Singapore-based digital wealth platform has onboarded funds from AllianceBernstein, HSBC and Franklin Templeton.
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Singapore-headquartered digital wealth platform Syfe has launched Syfe Income+ in Hong Kong, a discretionary managed portfolio service that aims to pay out 6% to 8.6% per annum in monthly distributions to investors.

Syfe said that their portfolios use actively-managed funds from a number of asset managers including AllianceBernstein, Franklin Templeton and HBSC.

Syfe Income+ comprises two fixed income portfolios: Income+ Pure and Income+ Enhance.

Income+Pure focuses on high-quality bonds such as US Treasuries and investment grade corporate credit and has a target monthly payout of 6%-7% per annum.

Meanwhile, Income+ Enhance invests in higher yielding, lower rated bonds such as high yield credit as well as global equities. It targets a monthly payout of 7.6%-8.6%.

Both portfolios have a minimum funding requirement of HK$10,000 ($1,279.65).

“In a market environment fraught with lingering uncertainties, persistent inflation and high interest rates, a diversified investment portfolio that tackles the diverse yet specific needs of investors is of utmost importance,” said Kevin Li, general manager and head of Hong Kong at Syfe.

“Our ultimate aim is to empower investors with a regular stream of passive income by optimising asset allocations and maximising potential wealth, while effectively managing risks. Syfe is here to do just that – and do it well, with the unparalleled versatility and affordability of our holistic financial solutions.”

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