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Sun Life rolls out ESG savings plan in Hong Kong

Clients will be able to invest in green bonds, renewables and energy transition.
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The Hong Kong arm of Canadian insurance giant Sun Life has launched a savings plan called Stellar that actively integrates environmental, social and governance (ESG) themes in its investment strategies.

Stellar will focus on investing in assets with high ESG ratings to hep clients build their wealth in a way that can have a positive impact on society, reports our sister publication, International Adviser.

Clement Lam, chief executive of Sun Life Hong Kong, told the Asian news website: “We are delighted to launch Stellar, the first ESG-focused savings plan in the market.
“2022 marks our 130th anniversary in the city, a milestone not only celebrates our achievements over the years but also, more importantly, focuses on a future that contributes to the development of a healthier and more sustainable community.

“Stellar is designed to help our clients manage and grow their wealth while empowering them to make financial decisions that can impact the future positively. Stellar supports allocation to sustainable investments including, but are not limited to, green bonds, renewable energy, energy transition, etc.

“Furthermore, we pay particular attention to carbon profiles and selectively invest in assets with relatively lower carbon intensity, so that we can build a greener future together.”

Stellar will also provide clients with a legacy planning tool to allow them to pass their long-term savings across multiple generations, as well as with the ability to cover more than one person in the policy and switch how many people are insured throughout the term.

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