Harry Thomas

Co-portfolio manager, TT Environmental Solutions Equities, TT International

Harry is co-portfolio manager for the TT Environmental Solutions Strategy and a Emerging Market equity senior analyst. Prior to joining TT in 2012, Harry worked at UBS in Emerging EMEA Equity Sales. Harry graduated from the University of Oxford with an MA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics.

Harry is a passionate ecologist and obtained an MSc in Forestry from Bangor University, which is amongst the top universities globally for studies in Agriculture and Forestry. Topics covered included: Forest Ecology and Resources; Forest Management and Planning; and Agroforestry Systems & Practises.


Company profile


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Strategy presentation

Strategy profile

We believe that environmental investing will be the defining structural growth opportunity for investors in the coming decades, driven by rapid changes in the behaviour of consumers, corporates, governments and investors. This is a pure play global environmental strategy with an extremely high environmental hurdle for portfolio inclusion, that aims to drive capital towards companies that are providing solutions to the problems of both climate change and ecosystem destruction around the world. It features strong top-down/bottom-up linkage, with rigorous company analysis leading to a high-conviction portfolio of around 40 companies that is well diversified across sub-thematic, geography and market cap.

Fund size: $107m
Strategy size: $202m
Domicile: Dublin, Ireland (UCITS)

Top 5 holdings with maturity and weighting

Greencoat Renewables5.6
China Three Gorges5.2
Omega Energia4.9
Alupar Investimento4.6

Data as at 31/07/2022

TT ESF exposures: theme & region

Data as at 31/07/2022

Sales contacts

Jason Hill

Intermediaries distribution, Asia Pacific, TT International

T: +852 3476 6085