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Spotlight On: ESG – September

Fund selector Asia presents Spotlight On - a multi-faceted, deep dive into investment themes and asset classes

Fund Selector Asia has launched an exciting new edition to our website, Spotlight On – a multi-faceted, deep dive into specific investment themes and asset classes where we showcase up to four fund managers’ perspectives and strategies.

Our fifth edition in our 2021 series, Spotlight On: ESG will be held from 13-16 September 2021

Record-breaking flows into ESG-related investments suggest an unstoppable trend as investors show their awareness and appetite to make an impact as well as generate reliable risk-adjusted returns. Fueling this is a combination of the growing number of companies adopting more sustainable practices and fund launches continuing at a rapid pace. At the same time, there is growing momentum in terms of consistency in ESG metrics, regulation, reporting and data. Yet the roadmap for ESG investing is still being crafted, as are investment processes to make ESG central to asset allocation and portfolio construction going forward.

Spotlight On: ESG provides a forum for experts to share their knowledge and understanding of the opportunities and the challenges in some of these less familiar asset classes.

Our Spotlight On partners will showcase their strategies and suggest ways that they can be used to generate returns, at a time when traditional, public equity and fixed income markets are vulnerable, through a variety of multimedia collateral including:

Spotlight On: ESG partners include:

  • Amundi Asset Management
  • Federated Hermes
  • Janus Henderson Investors
  • TT International

The Spotlight On: ESG will run on 13-16 September and ends with a LIVE event (on the 16th) where we will bring together a panel of fund selectors and the fund managers to discuss their views and join an interactive Q&A session.

Find out more about our Spotlight On: ESG here:

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