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Spotlight On: Innovation

Fund selector Asia presents Spotlight On - a multi-faceted, deep dive into investment themes and asset classes

Fund Selector Asia has launched an exciting new edition to our website, Spotlight On – a multi-faceted, deep dive into specific investment themes and asset classes where we showcase up to four fund managers’ perspectives and strategies.

Our sixth and final edition in our 2021 series, Spotlight On: Innovation will be held from 18-21 October 2021

Innovative and disruptive technologies are transforming our lives, societies and economies in a multitude of ways. Some of the effects are already evident, while others will likely surprise us in the future.

Thematic funds and products offer investors the opportunity to participate in industries and sectors that are in the vanguard of these extraordinary changes. Investors can now access funds dedicated to a wide range of specific themes that capture innovation trends.

These themes include biotechnology and advanced healthcare, artificial intelligence and big data, clean energy and sustainability, cloud computing, smart cities, electric vehicles and mobility, media and entertainment, 5G and the internet of things, ecommerce, payments and Fintech, robotics and automation.

Spotlight On: Innovation provides a forum for experts to share their knowledge and understanding of the opportunities and the challenges in some of these less familiar asset classes.

Our Spotlight On partners will showcase their strategies and discuss innovation themes and the opportunities they offer investors, through a variety of multimedia collateral including:

Spotlight On: Innovation partners include:

  • BNY Mellon Investment Management
  • Capital Group

The Spotlight On: Innovation will run on 18-21 October and ends with a LIVE event (on the 21st) where we will bring together a panel of fund selectors and the fund managers to discuss their views and join an interactive Q&A session.

Find out more about our Spotlight On: Innovation here:

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