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SFC sets out priorities for HK securities markets

The roadmap includes strengthening ties with mainland China.

The Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) has released its ‘Strategic Priorities’ for 2024-2026, setting out its approach to developing Hong Kong’s securities markets, addressing risks and protecting investors.

In the coming three years, the SFC will aim to: maintain market resilience and mitigating serious harm to Hong Kong’s markets; enhance the global competitiveness and appeal of the Hong Kong capital markets; lead financial market transformation through technology and ESG; and enhance institutional resilience and operational efficiency.

Among its plans to help make Hong Kong more competitive internationally, the SFC intends to deepen connections with mainland China’s capital markets by expanding and enhancing mutual market access programmes.

It also wants to introduce more mainland-related derivative products in Hong Kong to increase the city’s competitiveness in risk management, as well as strengthen and expand the mainland’s business presence in Hong Kong.

“In particular, we are committed to playing an even more active part in further strengthening Hong Kong’s unique role as a gateway to the mainland and positioning the city as an offshore hub for renminbi businesses and risk management, as well as supporting national development and safeguarding financial security,” said Tim Lui, the SFC’s chairman, in a statement of the SFC’s website.

“The Commission would be on a stronger footing to keep investors out of harm’s way and bring wrongdoers to justice when financial crimes nowadays come in any shape and form, as well as to bring the full range of resources and tools at its disposal to achieve positive regulatory outcomes,” added Julia Leung, the SFC’s chief executive officer.

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