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Year of the Rooster

Last Word wishes our readers all the best over Chinese New Year.



The Year of the Fire Rooster has certain characteristics that could apply to investment, according to the annual CLSA Feng Shui Index, which compiles views from the Feng Shui masters:

“The rooster is by nature hard-working, confident and nimble, and the addition of the fire elements means there are plently of worms for the early and fast movers.”

The Japanese brokerage Daiwa invited a Bazi reader in Indonesia, Master Ong, to give a forecast as well. He believes the fire element may bring natural disasters and political heat, while favorable sectors include water-related elements such as transportation/logistics, tourism, media, ebusiness, education, healthcare and entertainment.

CLSA also offered similar sector picks for this year: gaming, transport and renewables.

Other forecasts have cited the bird’s characteristic anger and aggressiveness and suggested that it is the year for people such as US president Donald Trump.

Whatever prediction bears out, Last Word wishes our readers the best for the Chinese New Year holidays.

FSA will take a break and resume our newsletter on Wednesday, February 1.


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