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Regional interest in income funds stays high

Fixed income and multi-asset funds were the most searched for products by Asia's private banks and wealth managers in March, according to data provided by Fund Info.

The ranking, for the four weeks to 17 March, represents the most searched for product factsheets by Fund Info’s clients, who are distributors such as private banks, retail banks and wealth managers.

In a continuation of interest from January, most of the same income products remained strong in Hong Kong and Singapore. The only new fund in the top ten since January is the Dynamic Asian High Yield Bond Fund from Allianz.

The top ten together account for 30% of all factsheet searches during the time period. Five of the top 10 were fixed income and four were mixed-asset products.

One equity fund, which is dividend-focused, remained in the top 10.

Top 10 most viewed factsheets

HK/SG ranking January ranking Fund % of total views Fund category
1 1 PIMCO Funds GIS plc – Income 6.12% Fixed income
2 4 Fidelity Funds – Asian High Yield Fund 4.50% Fixed income
3 5 AB FCP I – American Income Portfolio 2.68% Fixed income
4 2 JPMorgan Investment Funds – Global Income Fund 2.67% Mixed-asset
5 3 First State GGF – Dividend Advantage Fund 2.58% Equities
6 8 Allianz GIF – Income and Growth 2.40% Mixed-asset
7 7 FTIF – Templeton Global Total Return Fund 2.38% Fixed income Global
8 6 Schroder Int. Opportunities PF – Asian Income 2.30% Mixed-asset
9 Allianz GIF – Dynamic Asian High Yield Bond 2.12% Fixed income
10 10 Value Partners Greater China High Yield Income Fund 1.97% Fixed income
 Source: Fund Info. Fund factsheet searches for the four weeks to 17 March.

Turning to categories, global bonds remained the most searched for in Hong Kong and Singapore. That contrasts with  category searches on a global basis during the same time period, which put world/regional equity funds at the top of the list.


Top category searches

 HK/SG ranking HK/SG top 10 categories % of total views
1 World, aggregate (bond / multi currency) 13.60%
2 World, high yield (bond / multi currency) 7.20%
3 Asia-Pacific, ex-Japan (equity / regions) 7.16%
4 Asia-Pacific, external debt (bond / multi currency) 6.83%
5 USD, strategy balanced (portfolio funds) 6.80%
6 World (equity / regions) 5.15%
7 China (equity / countries) 5.14%
8 Multi-strategy (liquid alternatives) 3.45%
9 Technology (equity / sectors) 3.29%
10 USD, aggregate (bond / single currency) 3.05%
Source: Fund Info. Data for the four weeks to 17 March.

Value Partners was the only Asia-based fund house that made it into the top ten most searched-for firm in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Top 10 fund management firm searches

HK/SG ranking HK/SG top 10 fund group % of total views
1 Fidelity 8.84%
2 Pimco 7.74%
3 JP Morgan Asset Management 7.46%
4 Schroders 7.36%
5 Allianz Global Investors 6.90%
6 Blackrock 6.74%
7 Alliance Bernstein 6.33%
8 Franklin Templeton 5.67%
9 First State 5.60%
10 Value Partners 2.80%
Source: Fund Info. Data for the four weeks to 17 March.

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