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Income fund interest surges in January

In Hong Kong and Singapore, private banks and wealth managers searched for income products, with a Pimco product the most viewed, according to data provided by Fund Info.

The ranking, for the full month of January 2019, represents the most searched for product factsheets by Fund Info’s clients, who are distributors such as private banks, retail banks and wealth managers.

In Hong Kong and Singapore, the top 10 most viewed individual fund factsheets during January had a clear bias toward income. Five were fixed income and four were mixed-asset products. Only one equity fund — a dividend-paying product — made it on the list.

Top 10 most viewed factsheets

HK/SG ranking Global ranking Fund % of total views Fund category
1 1 PIMCO Funds GIS plc – Income 5.71% Fixed income
2 3 JPMorgan Investment Funds – Global Income Fund 3.07% Mixed-asset
3 8 First State GGF – Dividend Advantage Fund 2.97% Equities
4 4 Fidelity Funds – Asian High Yield Fund 2.86% Fixed income
5 7 AB FCP I – American Income Portfolio 2.59% Fixed income
6 10 Schroder Int. Opportunities PF – Asian Income 2.43% Mixed-asset
7 5 FTIF – Templeton Global Total Return Fund 2.40% Fixed income Global
8 9 Allianz GIF – Income and Growth 2.24% Mixed-asset
9 First State GGF – Bridge Fund 1.77% Mixed-asset
10 Value Partners Greater China High Yield Income Fund 1.75% Fixed income
Source: Fund Info. Data for the month of January 2019.

Eight of the top 10 funds were also among the top searched funds globally, according to data from the Zurich-based firm.

In addition, only one product managed by an Asia-based firm made it on the list – the Value Partners Greater China High Yield Income Fund.

The results are similar to FE Advisory’s most viewed products in Hong Kong and Singapore for the full year 2018 — most were income-generating products, including high yield and dividend-focused funds.

During the first nine months of 2018, in Singapore, balanced or mixed-asset funds had the highest net inflows of all asset classes — S$2.79bn ($2.06bn) — as investors looked for income, according to a Cerulli report.

“The need for regular income has been a key theme among Singaporean investors and is likely to increase as markets could continue to see volatility over the next year,” the report said.

“It is likely that the multi-asset income theme will continue to steal the show as investors look for capital protection, customisation and flexible asset allocation.”

Top categories and fund groups

 As a whole, global and Asia-Pacific bond and equity funds were among the top categories viewed by distributors in Hong Kong and Singapore. China and technology equities being the only single country and sector categories that made it on the list, according to Fund Info.

 HK/SG ranking HK/SG top 10 categories % of total views
1 World, aggregate (bond / multi currency) 12.14%
2 Asia-Pacific, ex-Japan (equity / regions) 7.88%
3 USD, strategy balanced (portfolio funds) 7.22%
4 World, high yield (bond / multi currency) 6.75%
5 World (equity / regions) 5.15%
6 Asia-Pacific, external debt (bond / multi currency) 5.01%
7 China (equity / countries) 4.17%
8 Multi-strategyy (liquid alternatives) 3.63%
9 Technology (equity / sectors) 3.15%
10 USD, aggregate (bond / single currency) 3.10%
Source: Fund Info. Data for the month of January 2019.

In terms of the top fund group searches, all were global players.

HK/SG ranking HK/SG top 10 fund group % of total views
1 Blackrock 8.41%
2 Fidelity 8.19%
3 JP Morgan Asset Management 7.19%
4 Pimco 7.04%
5 Schroders 6.83%
6 Allianz Global Investors 6.44%
7 First State 6.36%
8 Alliance Bernstein 6.04%
9 Franklin Templeton 5.69%
10 HSBC Global Asset Management 2.89%
Source: Fund Info. Data for the month of January 2019.

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