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New launches: Janus Henderson and Fidelity unveil sustainable funds

Janus Henderson launches technology and US sustainable equity funds, and Fidelity International launches climate solutions fund, according to ESG Clarity’s global news team.
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Janus Henderson launches two sustainable funds

Janus Henderson has launched two Article 9-classified sustainable funds focused on technology and US companies, respectively.

The Janus Henderson Sustainable Future Technologies Fund will invest in companies aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and which derive at least 50% of their revenues from sustainable technology. It will be looking for emerging and overlooked technology and has identified eight technology themes that sit across the E, S and the G.

An example holding in the edtech theme is Chegg, an online learning and study support platform, which aims to help provide education to more people and increase people’s employability.

The fund’s management team comprises Alison Porter, Richard Clode and Graeme Clark, and will be supported by head of ESG investments Paul LaCoursiere.

Clode said: “Technology has the ability to deliver across all of the components of ESG; while global regulation and classification initially concentrated on environmental sustainability, this fund is looking to go much further and expand to incorporate much wider social issues. The reach of technology is limitless and the sector has a unique and critical role to play in servicing social goals; to help democratise access to services, reduce inequality and upgrade quality of life.”

The firm’s second new fund is the Janus Henderson Horizon US Sustainable Equity Fund, investing in companies responding to things such as climate change, resource constraints, population growth and ageing populations.

It will be managed by Hamish Chamberlayne and Aaron Scully, and also supported by LaCoursiere.

Chamberlayne said: “Sustainability has gained considerable traction in the US over the past months and investors across the world are becoming increasingly aware of the role the US will play in delivering a sustainable future.”

Both funds will be available in a SICAV structure and are primarily aimed at investors in the EMEA and Asia Pacific markets.

Fidelity unveils climate solutions fund

Fidelity International has launched a climate solutions equity fund investing in companies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Fidelity Funds – Sustainable Climate Solutions Fund is managed by Velislava Dimitrova and Cornelia Furse, who will invest in companies involved in the design, manufacture or sale of products or services in technologies or solutions such as electric vehicles, green hydrogen, autonomous vehicles, renewable energy, smart grids, industrial automation and agricultural efficiency.

Lead portfolio manager Dimitrov said: Climate change has prompted decarbonisation policies around the world to help achieve global carbon neutrality. The world needs to decarbonise urgently, at a faster pace that we have seen to date, and investors can play a major role in supporting this change.

“The decarbonisation challenge is on a scale unmatched in human history. But it is one that offers the companies meeting it a 30-year period of growth that surpasses even the internet revolution.”

Co-portfolio manager Furse added: “Unlike other climate funds, we focus on carbon reduction, not carbon avoidance. Investing in low emission sectors will not be enough to reverse 150 years of rising greenhouse gas emissions.

“The decarbonisation trend is currently at the early stage of penetration and will be driven by a combination of innovation, improving economics, accelerated governmental support and changing consumer behaviours. It is the stocks exposed to these themes that will drive superior investment opportunities for our investors.”

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