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What does the industry think? 21 November

FSA has managed to find a bold group of industry thinkers who are unafraid to speak their minds on crucial industry topics. This week: pay-for-performance model

A UK asset management firm has introduced a new business model in which the active fund manager doesn’t get paid anything unless the fund outperforms the benchmark over designated time periods.







“Does this somehow tie in with Brexit?”

Robert Ruderschmidt, portfolio manager, Overflowing Alpha Asset Management









 “I’m thankful every day that I left fund management for wealth management.”

Louie Zheng, head of discretionary mandates, Global Behemoth Private Bank








“Please send more information so compliance has grounds to decline the request for comment.”

Fanny Leung, corporate communications, Absolute Zero Risk Investment Management (AzRIM)









“Good luck recruiting portfolio managers for that job, but I will say it makes a great sales pitch to our fund distribution partners.”

Laszlo Egri, head of global distribution, Shoot the Lights Out Asset Management





“Not suitable for us. Our strategies are benchmark agnostic, which gives great value to our investors and gives us a lot of room for spin control if our funds underperform a specific index.”

Pollyanna Sim, head of marketing in APAC, StraightTalk Fund Management Group



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