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HEAD-TO-HEAD: Baring vs Parvest

Fund Selector Asia compares the Baring Europe Select Trust with the Parvest Equity Europe Small Cap Fund.

Kohler also has long experience, Ng said. He started his career in 1993 as an internal auditor with BNP Paribas General Inspection. In 1997, he moved to Parvest, where he worked on the UK market before progressing to the UK and mid-cap portfolios. He has held the position of head of European small-and mid-caps since 2006. In addition, he is senior portfolio manager for the UK and Swiss markets (all caps). 

Kohler is directly assisted by five colleagues who cover the small-cap and mid-cap segments. 


The ongoing charges for the Barings fund are 1.56%. The Parvest fund’s charges are higher at 2.23%. 

Ng believes that the charges of both funds are reasonable given their respective scope of coverage.


Both funds show disciplined investment philosophies and both have been delivering good performance in both rising and falling markets, Ng said.

Investors who have a shorter-term objective can consider the Baring fund, but they should note that there is no exposure to the UK, Ng said.

He added that investors who prefer a high-conviction approach and who seek wider country diversification should consider the Parvest fund.

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