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FSA Fund Awards Hong Kong 2024

We present the full shortlist of funds for Hong Kong.

FSA’s fund awards are based on data from FE Fundinfo, which applies the filters of alpha, volatility and consistency of performance over three years to narrow down the universe of 1,349 eligible funds in Hong Kong to 140 funds across 14 categories.

In Hong Kong, funds have to be registered for retail sale to be eligible. Eligible funds include only actively managed funds (ETFs, passive/tracking funds are excluded) and should have at least a three-year track record.

The shortlists are then given to independent judges from Asia’s fund selector community in Hong Kong and in Singapore.

Below are the shortlisted fund candidates (with Citicodes and ISIN) for Hong Kong.


CompanyFund nameCiticode / TIDMISIN
FidelityFidelity Asian Smaller Companies E Acc EURFNYZLU1116432292
FidelityFidelity Asia Pacific Dividend A USDFZ26LU0205439572
Franklin TempletonTempleton Asian Smaller Companies A Acc USDDKJ1LU0390135332
FSSAFSSA ASEAN All Cap I Acc USDRJ09IE0031814969
InvescoInvesco ASEAN Equity A-AD Inc USDP1B9LU1775947333
JP MorganJPMorgan SAR Asian A NAVK369HK0000013752
JP MorganJPMorgan ASEAN NAVJH36HK0000055555
Matthews AsiaMatthews Asia Small Companies A USDJC2HLU0871673728
Nikko Asset ManagementNikko AM Asian Small Mid Equity USDNS3LHK0000315975
SchrodersSchroder ISF Asian Smaller Companies A Acc NAVARM0LU0227179875


CompanyFund nameCiticode / TIDMISIN
AllianceBernsteinAB SICAV I – China A Share Equity Portfolio A CNHO8Q6LU1238072513
BEABEA China A Share Equity AMEC9HK0000074176
BlackRockBlackRock GF Systematic China A Shares Opportunities A2 Acc USDO9UHLU1580142542
BOCIPBOCIP China-A Small and Mid Cap ANLFJHK0000314713
BOCIPBOCIP China Value A HKDMIV1HK0000074358
China AMCChinaAMC New Horizon China A Share A Acc USDC41WLU1077605712
Foundation Asset ManagementFoundation China Equity A Acc HKDHBPIHK0000490828
HSBCHSBC Jintrust Large Cap Equity Securities Investment HE4QRCNE1000023Y2
JP MorganJPMorgan China Emerging Power HUY4CCNE100002458
SchrodersSchroder China Equity Alpha A USDJO7GHK0000138559


CompanyFund nameCiticode / TIDMISIN
BlackRockBlackRock GF European Value A2 EURMU90LU0072462186
BlackRockBlackRock GF Continental European Flexible A4 GBPWB28LU0071969892
Capital GroupCapital Group European Growth and Income Fund (LUX) B EURC387LU0157028266
Franklin TempletonTempleton European Small Mid Cap A Acc EURFO89LU0138075311
Franklin TempletonFranklin Mutual European A Acc EURFO91LU0140363002
Goldman SachsGS Goldman Sachs Europe CORE® Equity Portfolio Base AccY611LU0234681749
InvescoInvesco Continental European Equity E Acc EURP1C6LU1775949206
InvescoInvesco Pan European Equity E Acc EURIB75LU0115141201
JP MorganJPMorgan SAR European B NAVK366HK0000013786
JP MorganJPM Europe Equity D Acc NAV USDV215LU0259069697


CompanyFund nameCiticode / TIDMISIN
abrdnabrdn SICAV I – Emerging Markets Smaller Companies A Acc USDV310LU0278937759
Franklin TempletonFranklin MENA A Acc USDCRJ8LU0352132103
Franklin TempletonTempleton Emerging Markets Smaller Companies A Acc USDA9L2LU0300738514
JP MorganJPM Emerging Middle East Equity A Dis NAV USDJQ09LU0083573666
SchrodersSchroder ISF Frontier Markets Equity A Acc NAV USDM9S1LU0562313402
Stewart InvestorsStewart Investors Global Emerging Markets Leaders I USD accZ875IE00B0169N27
T.Rowe PriceT. Rowe Price Frontier Markets Equity A USDKLTZLU1079763535


CompanyFund nameCiticode / TIDMISIN
BlackRockBlackRock GF US Small & Mid Cap Opportunities A2 USDWB40LU0006061336
BlackRockBlackRock GF US Flexible Equity A2 USDM428LU0154236417
BNY MellonBNY Mellon US Equity Income Fund B Inc USDQG8EIE00BFXG1179
Franklin TempletonFTGF ClearBridge Value A(A) Dis USDJY13IE0002270589
HSBCHSBC GIF Economic Scale US Equity PD USDWY25LU0011818662
InvescoInvesco US Value Equity A Acc USDMK18LU0607513826
JP MorganJPM America Equity A Acc NAV USDJS78LU0210528500


CompanyFund nameCiticode / TIDMISIN
AlquityAlquity Indian Subcontinent M USDKFSMLU1049768242
Franklin TempletonTempleton Eastern Europe A Acc EURUJ43LU0078277505
ManulifeManulife Emerging Eastern Europe AAVH62LU0196876865
Matthews AsiaMatthews India A Acc GBP03XELU0594557455
MiraeMirae Asset ESG India Sector Leader Equity A USDN7N0LU0336297295
SchrodersSchroder ISF Emerging Europe A Acc NAV EURAXG2LU0106817157
SchrodersSchroder ISF Latin American A Acc NAV USDDAY4LU0106259046


CompanyFund nameCiticode / TIDMISIN
AllianzAllianz Best Styles Global Equity A NAV EURFKXOLU1075359262
AmundiAmundi Pioneer Global Equity A2QGHYLU1880398471
BNY MellonBNY Mellon Global Equity Income B Inc USDKJP4IE00B3T34201
FidelityFidelity Global Industrials A EURFF28LU0114722902
Franklin TempletonFranklin Mutual Global Discovery A Acc USDON46LU0211331839
InvescoInvesco Global Equity Income C Acc USDYM01LU0607513404
JupiterJGF-Jupiter Global Value L Acc USDG7R8LU0425094421
JupiterJupiter Merian World Equity L Acc USDMP81IE0005263466
PineBridgePineBridge Global Focus Equity AYN95IE0034235188
SchrodersSchroder ISF Global Sustainable Growth A Acc NAV USDLXH5LU0557290698


CompanyFund nameCiticode / TIDMISIN
AllianzAllianz Choice Japan Ord AO5MTHK0000359270
BOCIPBOCIP Japan Small & Mid Cap Opportunity AICHJHK0000142460
EastspringEastspring Inv Japan Dynamic A USDN6B9LU0560541111
FidelityFidelity Japan Value A JPYFP40LU0161332480
Janus HendersonJanus Henderson Horizon Japanese Smaller Companies A2 Acc USDHY10LU0011890265
PineBridgePineBridge Japan EquityJMWSHK0000133147
Sumitomo Mitsui DS Asset ManagementSMDAM Japan Equity Small Cap Absolute Value P JPYNSDWLU1550200676


CompanyFund nameCiticode / TIDMISIN
abrdnabrdn SICAV I – Diversified Income A MInc USDFTTQLU1124234862
AmundiAmundi Pioneer Income Opportunities A2 USDP2NULU1883839398
AmundiAmundi Real Assets Target Income A2 USDD5L3LU1883866441
Franklin TempletonFranklin Income A MDis USDUJ72LU0098860793
Goldman SachsGS Global Multi Asset Income Portfolio Base AccFI8XLU1032466523
HSBCHSBC Portfolios World Selection 5 AC USDHTB6LU0447611657
HSBCHSBC World Selection 4 AMHKDFM7TLU1066049757
JP MorganJPM Asia Pacific Income A Acc NAV USDJS66LU0210527791
JP MorganJPMorgan Evergreen NAVK346HK0000055829
ManulifeManulife GF Global Multi-Asset Diversified Income AAQ9QCLU1935042215


CompanyFund nameCiticode / TIDMISIN
BlackRockBlackRock GF Fixed Income Global Opportunities A2 USDABR0LU0278466700
BlackRockBlackRock Sustainable Global Bond Income A2 Acc USDPA7CLU1842103399
BOCHKBOCHK All Weather Short Term Bond A1 USDPJLAHK0000441698
Capital GroupCapital Group Global Intermediate Bond Fund (LUX) Z USDC11ELU1494630897
China AMCChinaAMC Select Fixed Income Allocation A USDPHB4HK0000439601
FidelityFidelity Global Short Duration Income E MDis EUR0MZ0LU0718467177
HSBCHSBC GIF Global Investment Grade Securitised Credit Bond AM2 HKDP3D1LU1819531440
JP MorganJPM Income A Mth NAV HKDFPOTLU1128926307
Ninety OneNinety One Target Return Bond C Gr Inc USDIB16LU0345762388
SchrodersSchroder ISF Strategic Bond A Acc NAV USDE9Z2LU0201322137


CompanyFund nameCiticode / TIDMISIN
AllianzAllianz Global Multi-Asset Credit AMg NAV USDPC2QLU1858968206
AllianzAllianz HKD Income AM NAV HKDFEPHLU0815945547
AmundiAmundi Pioneer US Short Term A2 USDPV35LU1882441907
BNP ParibasBNP Paribas USD Short Duration Bond Classic Cap USDPG83LU0012182399
BOCHKBOCHK HK Dollar Income A HKDK775HK0000039773
BOCIPBOCIP USD Short Duration Bond A USDPT9VHK0000459286
China Merchants SecuritiesCMS China Opportunities Flexi AGOWOHK0000099785
Franklin TempletonFranklin Floating Rate PLC A Dis USDFP81IE0032578035
HSBCHSBC Global Short Duration Bond AC USDFTDALU1163226092
ManulifeManulife Renminbi Bond Segregated Portfolio AA USDNAQ5KYG5800M1399


CompanyFund nameCiticode / TIDMISIN
AllianzAllianz US Short Duration High Income Bond AM NAV USDE2JYLU1322973634
AllianzAllianz US High Yield AM NAV USDF7KVLU0516397667
AllspringAllspring (Lux) Worldwide – U.S. Short-Term High Yield Bond A USDG6FPLU0791592800
FidelityFidelity US High Yield A USDFE34LU0132282301
JP MorganJPM US High Yield Plus Bond A Acc NAV USD0YOOLU0749326731
Neuberger BermanNB Short Duration High Yield SDG Engagement A USD0NH3IE00B7FN4D31
PrincipalPrincipal GIF Global High Yield D Acc USDM6TMIE00B3XZ1S74


CompanyFund nameCiticode / TIDMISIN
Capital GroupCapital Group Emerging Markets Local Currency Debt Fund (LUX) B USDKPG7LU0532656005
JP MorganJPM Emerging Markets Local Currency Debt A Acc NAV USDB4Z3LU0332400406
JupiterJGF-Jupiter Global Emerging Markets Short Duration Bond I Acc USDO0TDLU1640602683
Ninety OneNinety One Global Strategy Latin American Corporate Debt C Gr Acc USDIIW5LU0492942809
PictetPictet Asian Local Currency Debt P USDQ634LU0255797556
PIMCOPimco GIS Emerging Markets Short Term Local Currency E Acc USDDVM4IE00B3DD5P64
PIMCOPimco GIS Emerging Local Bond E USDDVM1IE00B3DD5N41


CompanyFund nameCiticode / TIDMISIN
AllianceBernsteinAB International Health Care Portfolio B USDAN87LU0058721035
BlackRockBlackRock GF World Healthscience A2 USDM024LU0122379950
BNP ParibasBNP Paribas Health Care Innovators Classic Cap EURFN76LU0823416762
FidelityFidelity Sustainable Health Care A EURFE96LU0114720955
InvescoInvesco Global Health Care Innovation A-AD Inc USDP1D7LU1775982595
Janus HendersonJanus Henderson Global Life Sciences A2 Acc USDJG04IE0009355771
ManulifeManulife Healthcare AACET3LU0357321016
NatixisNatixis Thematics Water R/APWTQLU1923621640
PIMCOPimco GIS Commodity Real Return E Acc USDCAI7IE00B1D7YH97
SchrodersSchroder ISF Healthcare Innovation AQHFCLU1983299246

To see the full list of funds in Singapore, click here.

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