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FSA Bespoke Research

Data is at the heart of MA Financial Media. Since the launch of the business we would carefully look at all the data we gathered from our readers and use it to try to provide relevant editorial content and more focused events.

We gather both qualitative and quantitative data from face-to-face meetings, telephone interviews, delegate voting at events, and country-specific targeted polls to subsets of our readers. A vast majority of our research has up to four years’ worth of data (and up to ten for some fund managers), we are building an active trend base for our community and we’ll be rolling out new and exciting research projects.

The emphasis on data has grown rapidly to dominate our strategic thinking. We have been collating fund selector’s forward-looking investment sentiment since 2010. That allows us to track when fund selectors in different countries change their attitude to different asset classes and strategies.

All the data that MA Financial Media gathers gives us a deep insight into the changing moods of professional investors. Not only do we use that to drive our editorial direction, but it also gives us a great commercial advantage when providing the best platform for our marketing partners to work with us. MA Financial Media takes these learnings and applies our research philosophies to the Asset Management and Discretionary Wealth Manager communities around the globe with the aim of providing investment intelligence for our partners.

Asset managers wanting to find out more about our  research programmes and bespoke projects, please contact:

Gareth Wilde
Managing Director, Asia
Tel: +852 3695 5162

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