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Flab 2 asset allocation funds in Singapore

Financial LAB is moving its products into the South East Asian market, registering two specialised investment funds for sale to accredited investors in Singapore.
The Barcelona-based fund manager’s Sicav SIF Strategic Asset Allocation Fund comprises global equities, bonds and cash using a combination of 13 stock/bond indicators and nine bond/cash indicators.
The company claims that when these two indicators are combined they have a history of adding value in asset allocation.
The fLAB Satellite Sicav SIF Tactical Asset Allocation Fund meanwhile, consists of a fixed income portfolio with an overlay of currency strategies, money market and inflation-linked products.
According to fLab, the satellite model is based on volatility, correlation and momentum, the result of which, it claims, provides ‘uncorrelated returns to fLAB core and other mainstream assets’.
fLab first launched its Luxembourg-domiciled Sicav SIF in June 2009 which, the firm claims, has returned more than 31% as of July 31 2013. US$ and SG$ hedged share classes are also available.
The firm offers access to global asset allocation strategies – utilising data provided by US-based outfit, Ned Davis Research – which aims to deliver consistent capital appreciation with reasonable volatility.
Adam Crook, fLAB sales director for Asia, said that the firm was excited to offer its fund to investors in Asia. “The asset allocation strategies, with data from Ned Davis Research, provide consistent outperformance in what has been an inconsistent market environment,” he said.

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