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Architas expands sustainable fund range to Hong Kong

The EPIC Global Equity Opportunities Fund invests across multiple themes.
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Architas, part of the global Axa Group, has announced the debut of its sustainability fund to Hong Kong investors.

EPIC is focused on allowing investors to make ethical and prosperous investment choices.

“The Architas EPIC Global Equity Opportunities [Fund] provides investors with access to a fund that is specifically focused on a sustainable investment objective, ensuring investments are being made in line with the highest regulatory requirements in sustainable investing,” said Matthieu Andre, the firm’s chief executive officer.

The three themes which the fund targets are digital transformation, health and wealth, and a sustainable planet, according to the product website.

The fund is classified as Article 9 under the European Union Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR), meaning it specifically has sustainable goals as its objective, for example investing in companies with a goal to reduce carbon emissions.

The Fund claims to commit all its assets, excluding cash, to securities that Architas believes are sustainable investments based on its research and categorisation.

The Fund has obtained authorisation from the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission for sale locally.

Earlier in the year, the Fund was made available to Thai investors.

London-based Architas, which is the fund of funds specialist unit of the Axa Group, started its operations as an asset management firm in Hong Kong in April 2020.

Architas has an AUM of EUR33bn ($36bn) and aims to include ESG criteria in all its fund selection and investment products.

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