Baring warms to Korean market

The US and China provide some benefit to Korean corporates, Hyung Jin Lee, head of Asian equities, wrote in a recent research note. As the US economy expands, Korean exports should pick up. Another tailwind is the increasing number of Chinese tourists visiting the country. “In 2014, Chinese residents visited Korea more than any other […]

Central bank action would boost cheap Korean equities

About 50% of Korea’s GDP is dependent on exports, which have been declining this year, according to Aidan Yao, senior emerging market economist at Axa Investment Managers. Weak external demand from the US is one reason why exports are falling. Also, Korean companies are strong competitors with their Japanese counterparts and the strengthening of the […]

BNY Mellon puts forward a provocative scenario

Don’t blindly accept the IMF’s “new mediocre” era of “low growth for a long time”. The synchronisation of rising economic growth in the US, China, Japan and India remains a plausible event, according to the bank’s research. BNY’s “G4 scenario” assumes that Japan’s average annual GDP growth is 2% for the remainder of the decade, […]

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