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What does the industry think? 31 October

FSA has managed to find a bold group of industry thinkers who are unafraid to speak their minds on crucial industry topics. This week: Regulatory action.

The Hong Kong securities regulator has imposed fines and bans on some independent researchers who have released reports underscoring the risks of investing in specific mainland China companies listed in Hong Kong.








“At least we can still read government economic data and Chinese state-owned enterprise balance sheets for unbiased information.”

Robert Ruderschmidt, portfolio manager, Overflowing Alpha Asset Management








 “Obviously Hong Kong attempting to outdo Singapore in muzzling critics, just another shot fired in their ongoing rivalry to be Asia’s financial hub.”

Louie Zheng, head of discretionary mandates, Global Behemoth Private Bank






“The head of compliance would fall out of his chair if I went upstairs with a request for comment on the securities regulator.”

Fanny Leung, corporate communications, Absolute Zero Risk Investment Management (AZRIM)








“You probably don’t want to know too much detail about what goes on inside Chinese companies, you just invest in them and hope for the best.”

Tripp Hutchins, head of global distribution, Low Hanging Fruit Asset Management





“As a leading global investment firm, we strongly agree with the regulator that optimistic investment opinions contribute to a more positive investment environment overall.”

Pollyanna Sim, head of marketing in APAC, StraightTalk Fund Management Group



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