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iCapital launches alternatives platform in Hong Kong and Singapore

iCapital Marketplace aims to connect wealth managers to a range of alternative investment products.

The global fintech platform has unveiled iCapital Marketplace, a one-stop-shop connecting wealth managers and advisers with a broad selection of alternative investment products in Hong Kong and Singapore.

These include private equity, private debt, infrastructure, real assets and hedge funds, offered by leading alternative asset managers.

Using proprietary technology, iCapital Marketplace aims to deliver a scalable, all-digital investment service that eliminates many of the historical complexities – such as a lack of institutional-quality investment opportunities available to the wealth management channel, a manual and paper-based subscription process, cumbersome client support throughout the investment lifecycle, and limited availability of advisor education.

“Introducing iCapital Marketplace in Hong Kong and Singapore as a one-stop-shop for wealth managers and advisors to access a broad selection of alternative investment offerings is a key milestone in our expansion in Apac,” said Marco Bizzozero, head of international at iCapital.

With $180.92bn in global platform assets, the iCapital operating system automates and streamlines the process of private market investing.

By offering their funds on iCapital Marketplace, alternative asset managers gain access to iCapital’s global network of wealth managers and advisers on the platform, as well as the option to benefit from diligence services supported by iCapital.

Meanwhile, wealth managers can have access to a broad menu of private markets investment opportunities available via one single agreement with iCapital, allowing them to build diversified portfolios to meet their clients’ investment objectives. The platform also features research and educational tools, such as due diligence reports, market insights, webinars, and training modules.

“Investors in Asia and the rest of the world are increasingly interested in how private markets can offer enhanced diversification and potentially superior returns for their portfolios, while asset managers seek to diversify their fundraising across the growing wealth management channel,” said Bizzozero.

iCapital employs more than 1200 people globally, and has 12 offices worldwide including New York, Greenwich, Zurich, Lisbon, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, and Toronto.

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