Data & Research Spotlight

Data 21, Feb 18

A look inside Asia’s fund doghouse

FSA searched for consistently underperforming funds registered for sale in Hong Kong and found several North America and Latin America equity products.

Asset Class in Focus 20, Feb 18

Which SG funds gathered the most assets in 2017?

The Singapore-domiciled funds with the highest inflows in 2017 were from Schroders and UOB, while a Fullerton fund had the highest net outflows.

Data 13, Feb 18

How did China’s AM joint ventures do in 2017?

Foreign asset management joint ventures in China did not escape the industry-wide outflow of capital from actively-managed mutual funds in 2017.

Data 13, Feb 18

Blackrock delists China A-shares ETF

Blackrock is delisting one of its China A-share-focused ETFs from the Hong Kong Exchange because the firm believes the purpose of the underlying index “no longer exists”.

Data | 12 Feb 18

Thai feeder fund among Asia’s best-sellers

Two mutual funds in Thailand and one in Hong Kong were among the 10 best-selling newly-launched products in Asia-Pacific in 2017, according to a Broadridge Financial report.

Head To Head | 9 Feb 18

HEAD-TO-HEAD: Blackrock vs Schroders

FSA compares two APAC ex-Japan equity products: the Blackrock Asian Dragon Fund and the Schroder ISF Asian Opportunities Fund.

Charts | 8 Feb 18

China’s mutual fund industry in two charts

The domination of China’s domestic mutual fund market by money market funds becomes apparent from looking at two charts.

Data & Research | 5 Feb 18

Robo-advisor performance January 2018

FSA joins the robo-advisor discussion with its monthly feature showing portfolio returns of three robo-advisors serving clients in Asia.

Data & Research | 2 Feb 18

HEAD-TO-HEAD: Alliance Bernstein vs JP Morgan

FSA compares two emerging market equity products: the AB Emerging Markets Growth Portfolio and the JP Morgan Emerging Markets Equity Fund.

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