Data | 21 Oct 19

When will factor-based strategies take off in Asia?

Few private banking end-investors in the region are asking about factor investing, according to Invesco.

Head To Head | 18 Oct 19

HEAD-TO-HEAD: First State versus Janus Henderson

FSA compares two Japan equity products: the First State Japan Equity Fund and the Janus Henderson Horizon Japan Opportunities Fund.

Head To Head | 11 Oct 19

HEAD-TO-HEAD: Artemis versus Seneca

FSA compares two global multi-asset income products: the Artemis Monthly Distribution Fund and the Seneca Diversified Income Fund

Head To Head | 4 Oct 19

HEAD-TO-HEAD: Capital Group versus JP Morgan

FSA compares two mixed asset products: the Capital Group Global Allocation Fund and the JP Morgan Global Income Fund.

Head To Head | 27 Sep 19

HEAD-TO-HEAD: Aberdeen Standard versus JP Morgan

FSA compares two Japan equity products: the Aberdeen Standard Sicav I Japanese Equity Fund and the JP Morgan Japan (Yen) Fund.

Head To Head | 20 Sep 19

HEAD-TO-HEAD: Miton versus Schroders

FSA compares two US equity products: the LF Miton US Opportunities and the Schroder US Mid Cap Fund.

Data | 19 Sep 19

Why no one has launched an ESG ETF in Hong Kong

Separately, leveraged and inverse (L&I) products and a number of China-focused thematic ETFs have grown popular in Hong Kong.

Head To Head | 13 Sep 19

HEAD-TO-HEAD: Fidelity versus Stewart

FSA compares two emerging market equity products: the Fidelity Emerging Markets Fund and the Stewart Investors Global Emerging Markets Leaders Fund.

Head To Head | 6 Sep 19

HEAD-TO-HEAD: Jupiter versus Nordea

FSA compares two global mixed-asset products: the Jupiter Merlin International Balanced Portfolio and the Nordea 1 Stable Return Fund.

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