Data & Research Spotlight

Data 15, Apr 19

Asia’s fund selectors prefer home-based assets

Data collected by Last Word Research shows support for Asian bonds and equities, although concerns persist about the macroeconomic outlook.

Head To Head 12, Apr 19

HEAD-TO-HEAD: Investec versus JP Morgan

FSA compares two global mixed asset products: the Investec Global Multi Asset Income Fund and the JP Morgan Multi Income Fund.

Data 10, Apr 19

Thai investors return to fixed income

Foreign investment fixed term bond funds remain popular, as local investors rush back into fixed income, according to data from Morningstar Direct.

Head To Head 29, Mar 19

HEAD-TO-HEAD: Axa vs Vanguard

FSA compares two US equity funds: the Axa World Funds Framlington American Growth Fund and the Vanguard S&P 500 ETF.

Data | 26 Mar 19

Sharpe fund houses in the spotlight

Two asset management firms run the most funds with the highest risk-adjusted returns over three years.

Data | 25 Mar 19

The curious case of fund age

Are you statistically better off with old funds?

Head To Head | 22 Mar 19

HEAD-TO-HEAD: First State versus Invesco

FSA compares two mixed asset products: the First State Bridge Fund and the Invesco Asia Balanced Fund.

Head To Head | 15 Mar 19

HEAD-TO-HEAD: JP Morgan vs Jupiter

FSA compares two European equity growth funds: the JP Morgan Europe Dynamic (ex-UK) Fund and the JGF-Jupiter European Growth Fund.

Head To Head | 8 Mar 19

HEAD-TO-HEAD: Fidelity vs JP Morgan AM

FSA compares two Asia-Pacific (including Japan) funds: the Fidelity Pacific Fund and the JP Morgan Pacific Securities Fund.

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