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Allfunds launches private asset investments platform

The B2B wealthtech company launched a dedicated team to help distributors access alternative investments earlier this year.

Allfunds, the B2B wealthtech company focused on the funds industry, has launched a new platform that will make it easier for distributors to gain access to private asset investments.

Known as the Allfunds Private Partners Programme (APP), Allfunds has already onboarded firms including Apollo, Blackstone, Carlyle, Franklin Templeton and Morgan Stanley Investment Management.

The initiative comes after Allfunds launched its Allfunds Alternative Solutions team earlier this year, which is focused on helping distributors access alternative investments.

“We are excited about this project and unlocking the full potential of APP and believe that this form of collaboration with our partners is key in developing solid relationships and effective solutions,” said Juan Alcaraz, CEO of Allfunds.

“We are eager to prove our disposition and put our expertise to work for this ambitious project that will surely bring new business opportunities for all those involved. We would also like to thank our initial members for joining us in this enterprise, as well as for their continued trust and support in Allfunds.”

“Allfunds has a deep commitment to quality and client care and the Private Partners programme is a natural evolution of that purpose. We want to set our clients up for success and our team will be dedicated to ensuring their needs are met with utmost care and attention to detail,” said Borja Largo, chief fund groups officer and head of Allfunds Alternative Solutions.

“Allfunds’ initiatives, whether building a totally new department or an innovative partnership programme, are just the natural evolution of Allfunds’ ability to navigate disrupted and fragmented markets, with the goal of providing easy access to alternative products, that historically never been available to distributors.”

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