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Asset Class in Focus 22, Feb 18

Rethink China’s SOEs, says Premia Partners

Conventional wisdom says Chinese state-owned enterprises (SOEs) are bad investments, but that is not necessarily true, according to David Lai, Hong Kong-based co-chief investment officer at Premia Partners.

Industry Interviews 21, Feb 18

Japan may be lifeline for passporting scheme

Fund managers joining the Asia Regional Funds Passporting (ARFP) scheme are likely to find the best opportunities in Japan, according to Andrew Gordon, Hong Kong-based managing director for Asia at RBC Investor and Treasury Services.

Asset Class in Focus 20, Feb 18

Which SG funds gathered the most assets in 2017?

The Singapore-domiciled funds with the highest inflows in 2017 were from Schroders and UOB, while a Fullerton fund had the highest net outflows.

Industry Interviews 20, Feb 18

EY: Private banking shakeout to continue in 2018

Regulatory costs are expected to increase while clients increasingly prefer digital channels for financial advice, suggesting wealth managers rethink traditional business models, according to Elliot Shadforth, Hong Kong-based Asia-Pacific wealth and asset management leader at EY.

Asset Class in Focus | 15 Feb 18

Explaining bond funds to the buy-side

Private banks in Hong Kong and Singapore ask bond fund managers to explain any short-term underperformance and to provide stable income streams, according to Boston-based Brian Kennedy, vice president and portfolio manager at Loomis Sayles.

Asset Class in Focus | 13 Feb 18

UBP: Bond investors not compensated for risks

The return for US and European bond investors offers insufficient compensation for the risk they are taking, especially in the high yield segment, said Norman Villamin, chief investment officer at Union Bancaire Privee.

Asset Class in Focus | 8 Feb 18

Bull and Bear: Chinese banks

Two CIOs, Pictet WM’s David Gaud and Matthews Asia’s Robert Horrocks, share their contrasting views on China’s banks.

Asset Class in Focus | 7 Feb 18

Matthews bullish on shift to Asia brand names

Asia consumer brands have historically been second choice after the multinational products, but in the last couple of years local names have been gaining market share and have become attractive investment plays, according to Robert Horrocks, CIO of Matthews Asia.

Asset Class in Focus | 6 Feb 18

Deutsche Wealth: Fixed income loses appeal

Rising interest rates and yields have made Deutsche Bank Wealth Management pessimistic about fixed income investment, according to Tuan Huynh, Singapore-based chief investment officer and head of discretionary portfolio management for Asia-Pacific.

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