Asset Class in Focus | 18 Jun 19

A look at ASI’s Aussie bond fund

Australian bonds offer investors relatively high yields from defensive credits, according to Aberdeen Standard.

Asset Class in Focus | 17 Jun 19

High conviction China fund aimed at long term

In Xingtai Capital’s highly concentrated China fund, the top ten account for 60% of the portfolio, which holds only 20-30 positions.

Asset Class in Focus | 13 Jun 19

Is there a value trap in Chinese equities?

Many Chinese banking, construction and property stocks are trading at deeply discounted prices, according to Gam Investments.

Asset Class in Focus | 11 Jun 19

Defining the ‘green bond’

Any definition should be principles-based, permitting the investor flexibility to decide if the green bond is actually green, according to Mitch Reznick, Hermes IM.

Asset Class in Focus | 11 Jun 19

HSBC GAM rolls out fixed maturity fund

The 2.5 year fixed-term bond fund aims for a 3.5%-4% yield and will be marketed to retail investors in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Industry Interviews | 10 Jun 19

Asian managers hope for European investors

European investor demand for Asia-focused equity and fixed income strategies may not translate into inflows for Asia-based managers.

Asset Class in Focus | 6 Jun 19

Another firm cautions on onshore bonds

China’s onshore corporate bonds are expected to have more defaults, according to BNPP AM, but offshore China high yield is a different story.

DWS more bullish on China

Asset Class in Focus | 5 Jun 19

DWS tips EM Asia stocks and credit

The US-China trade dispute continues to weigh on asset prices, but DWS’s CIO sees upside in parts of Asia, particularly China.

Asset Class in Focus | 5 Jun 19

BNPP AM sets ESG fixed income goal

All of the firm’s EM fixed income products are expected to be ESG compliant this year, as the 2020 target for firm-wide integration continues.

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