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Industry Interviews 22, Jun 18

Eastspring steps up multi-asset game

Eastspring Investments is looking at ESG- and China-focused multi-asset products while adding people to the investment team, according to Colin Graham, Singapore-based chief investment officer for multi-asset solutions.

Roger Bacon__

Asset Class in Focus 21, Jun 18

Citi PB goes overweight on A-shares

This year China A-shares are Citi Private Bank’s biggest call globally, according to Roger Bacon, head of investments for Asia-Pacific, while fixed income in client portfolios is getting intense focus.

Asset Class in Focus 21, Jun 18

A look at China equity funds in volatile markets

Equity fund managers who perform best among peers during specific China market volatility are not among the best when global markets plunge.

Industry Interviews 21, Jun 18

China’s asset managers eye European investors

More China-based asset managers are expected to internationalise and target European investors, according to Alessandro Silvestro, Hong Kong-based managing director for Asia-Pacific at Lemanik Asset Management.

Asset Class in Focus | 20 Jun 18

Cocos: A bet on banks’ financial health

Contingent convertible (coco) bonds carry conversion risk but promise high yield with low volatility and diversification, according to Lloyd Harris, London-based fixed income fund manager at Old Mutual Global Investors.

Asset Class in Focus | 20 Jun 18

Looking for alpha in Japan’s small caps

Some of Japan’s under-researched small- and mid-cap companies may be hidden gems that the broader investment world knows little about, according to Sophia Li, portfolio manager at First State Stewart Asia.

Asset Class in Focus | 19 Jun 18

JPMAM: Keep an open mind to recessionary slide

Though the firm does not expect a US recession over the next 12-18 months, Hui Tai, managing director and Asia chief investment strategist, recommends tweaking client portfolios now to adopt a more defensive position.

Asset Class in Focus | 19 Jun 18

EM debt faces resiliency test

Despite the sell-off in emerging market debt that started at the end of April, the current environment is still resilient, according to Raoul Luttik, senior portfolio manager at Neuberger Berman.

Asset Class in Focus | 15 Jun 18

Does low volatility mix with high dividends?

Seeyond’s Asia-focused smart beta product aims for minimum volatility with high dividend yield instead of returns based on pure fundamental stock-picking, according to Nicolas Just, deputy CEO and chief investment officer of the Natixis affiliate.

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