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Research notes of the week – 17 July 2017

FSA presents a selection of research commentary released this week.







FSA has reviewed the week’s research notes and selected a few that we believe stand out from the rest. Click on the image to access the full report.




CNH: Bond Connect Tracker

The Bond Connect program was launched on 3 July to meet the ever-growing demand of foreign investors for Chinese bonds and to improve efficiency of their operations. What drives the demand? How do the features of Bond Connect differ from those of China Interbank Bond Market? What does this development mean for credit rating agencies and global index providers? DBS explains.


Global Alternatives Survey 2017

The leading alternative asset managers saw a 5% drop in assets from wealth managers last year, the survey shows. The consulting firm covers the asset breakdown by asset classes and investor types. It expects more capital to withdraw from the hedge fund of funds sector and to flow into private debt strategies.



Trust in Technology

HSBC’s survey report on Singapore (left) looks at Singaporeans’ attitudes toward embracing new technologies. Personal data security is of the highest importance. The full global report compares regional attitudes toward fintech and can be viewed here.



Global Asset Management 2017: The Innovator’s Advantage

The revenue pool of traditional managers has dropped worldwide, along with their profits. BCG argues that asset managers will need to innovate on technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data and analytics, especially in investment management and distribution.


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