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Research notes of the week – 7 August 2017

FSA presents a selection of research commentary released this week.







FSA has reviewed the week’s research notes and selected a few that we believe stand out from the rest. Click on the image to access the full report.





Is risk really as low as you think? – revisited

The white paper explores why volatility in equity markets has remained low despite rising political and economic risk. Low levels of risk do not last forever and the paper highlights three indicators to monitor to determine the level of concern.







Dig Deeper

Pictet Asset Management argues in this report that plateauing economic growth and tightening monetary policy mean investors must dig deeper to find pockets of value within every asset class.


Shifting global trade patterns bring new opportunities

Technology, automation and digital trade are changing global commerce. Supply chains span the globe. China’s rise and urbanisation have made it the most important drive of revenue for many global companies. The research report analyses which companies can thrive in this new environment.

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