Research notes of the week – 14 August 2017

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FSA presents a selection of research commentary released this week.

Research notes of the week - 14 August 2017







FSA has reviewed the week’s research notes and selected a few that we believe stand out from the rest. Click on the image to access the full report.




Active Strategies, Indexing and the Rise of ETFs

The results of the Greenwich Associates global ETF study point to continued growth as more institutions adopt ETFs for the first time and existing users find new applications for the products.




CFO Brexit Survey

Thomson Reuters’ survey findings suggest businesses adopt a “wait and see” approach as 70% of around 200 CFOs survey participants say Brexit has yet to affect their strategic planning.





People’s Republic of China: Selected Issues

China’s growth outlook is expected to improve between 2017 and 2021, but the country’s rising debt skews the figures and raises strong concerns, according to the International Monetary Fund.

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