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Fund Selector Asia Awards Singapore 2020

We present the full shortlist of funds for Singapore.
Asia Pacific Equity Citicode / TIDM ISIN
Fidelity Asia Focus TR in US FJ08 LU0048597586
Matthews Asia ex Japan Dividend in US MYYC LU1311310541
Templeton Asian Smaller Companies in US DKJ1 LU0390135332
JPMorgan Pacific Securities TR in US JH63 HK0000055746
First State Asian Equity Plus TR in US ZW77 IE0032834883
GAM Star Asia Pacific Equity in US GG25 IE0003000563
Fidelity Asian Smaller Companies in US 0M9G LU0702159699
PineBridge Asia ex Japan Small Cap Equity in US KV08 IE00B12V2V27
Eastspring Dragon Peacock in US DNR8 SG9999002828
Manulife Asia Value Dividend Equity TR in US G3U1 LU0386017924


Greater China/China Equity Citicode / TIDM ISIN
Aberdeen Standard SICAV I China A Share Equity in US FRRW LU1146622755
UBS (Lux) Investment SICAV China A Opportunity in US FFML LU0971614614
BCM Vitruvius Greater China Equity in US FHR9 LU0431685097
UBS (Lux) Equity Greater China (USD) in US MVZ3 LU0577510026
First State China Growth in US CM43 IE0008368742
Investec All China Equity in US FV7J LU1251922891
Matthews China Dividend in US I8ZG LU0871673132
E.I.Sturdza Strategic China Panda USD in US DMH9 IE00B3DKH950
First State China Focus in US DDI1 IE00B29SXG58
Matthews China Small Companies in US 0YFH LU0721876364


European Equity Citicode / TIDM ISIN
Fidelity European Dynamic Growth TR in US FM58 LU0119124781
Nordea 1 Nordic Equity Small Cap in US C6U4 LU0278528822
Threadneedle (Lux) Pan European Small Cap Opportunities in US V985 LU0282719219
Russell IC Acadian European Equity UCITS in US KE1T IE00B138F130
MFS Meridian European Core Equity in US MZ56 LU0125946151
MFS Meridian European Value in US MZ68 LU0125951151
BL Equities Europe in US BMKJ LU0495662396
Quaero Capital Argonaut in US 0MEF LU0512346346
JGF-Jupiter European Growth in US J241 LU0260085492
Aberdeen Standard SICAV I European Equity Ex UK in US OK11 LU0231484808


Global Emerging Market Equity Citicode / TIDM ISIN
HSBC GIF BRIC Equity in US HV93 LU0205170342
BMO Responsible Global Emerging Markets Equity TR in US FD03 LU0153359632
T. Rowe Price Emerging Markets Value Equity in US MPBP LU1244138183
Fiera Capital Europe Magna New Frontiers in US N8H8 IE00B65LCL41
Artemis Global Emerging Markets in US M8MB GB00BW9HL132
FF Emerging Markets Focus TR in US FNBU LU1102505762
Schroder ISF BRIC (Brazil Russia India China) in US ARN7 LU0228659784
BlackRock GF Emerging Markets Equity Income in US 08WM LU0651946864
Schroder Global Emerging Market Opportunities in US KTY7 SG9999006852
JOHCM Global Emerging Markets Opportunities TR in US 04DA IE00B41RZ573


Regional/Single Country Emerging Market Equity Citicode / TIDM ISIN
Lazard Mena in US JJ6W IE00B7YD8J82
T. Rowe Price Middle East And Africa Equity in US B4Y3 LU0310187579
JPMorgan Korea in US JH56 HK0000055712
HSBC GIF Turkey Equity in US H228 LU0213961682
SEB 2 Russia in US Q188 LU0273119544
Manulife India Equity in US J720 LU0274383263
Nomura India Equity in US K8M4 IE00B3SHDY84
APS Vietnam Alpha in US 0GCD IE00B459ZB51
Fidelity Malaysia TR in US FJ05 LU0048587868
BNY Mellon Brazil Equity in US A2H2 IE00B23S7L43


Global Equity Citicode / TIDM ISIN
Aberdeen Standard SICAV I World Smaller Companies in US GLLY LU0728928796
Threadneedle (Lux) Global Smaller Companies in US MWW3 LU0570871375
Comgest Growth World in US K4JR IE00BD5HXK71
Eurizon Equity World Smart Volatility in US E6L6 LU0114064917
Artisan Global Equity in US GLQL IE00B43QZT63
Fundsmith Equity Sicav in US 0L3R LU0690374615
Morg Stnly Global Brands in US MP78 LU0119620416
Wellington Global Quality Growth in US PU9M LU1912699771
Nikko AM Shenton Global Opportunities in US DC51 SG9999004303
Morg Stnly Global Opportunity in US MCT9 LU0552385451


Japanese Equity Citicode / TIDM ISIN
Platinum World Portfolios Japan in US P7SC IE00BYRGRJ67
Swisscanto (LU) Equity Small & Mid Cap Japan in US 05IP LU0644935586
Polar Capital Japan Value in US GVHB IE00B88S7N36
UOB United Japan Small And Mid Cap in US K8BD SG9999010854
Invesco Japanese Equity Advantage in US EK52 LU0607514717
Baillie Gifford Worldwide Japanese in US KPDO IE00BPYP3T56
LionGlobal Japan Growth in US A5D1 SG9999002331
GS Japan Equity Partners Portfolio in US FUPZ LU1217870671
Melchior ST Japan Advantage in US AGC8 LU0258104149
Man GLG Japan CoreAlpha Equity in US IPC7 IE00B5649C52


US Equity Citicode / TIDM ISIN
Alger Sicav-Alger Small Cap Focus in US N32E LU1339879758
Morg Stnly US Growth in US YM09 LU0042381250
Investec American Franchise in US IB04 LU0345774714
Artemis US Select in US KRMC GB00BMMV5105
VAM US Micro Cap Growth in US V045 LU0247234379
VAM US Small Cap Growth in US V046 LU0247231789
Artemis US Smaller Companies in US KRMD GB00BMMV5766
JPM America Equity in US J067 LU0217390490
T. Rowe Price US Large Cap Growth Equity in US TF38 LU0174119429
Morg Stnly US Insight in US FPHP LU1121084831


Mixed Asset Citicode / TIDM ISIN
MFS Meridian Prudent Wealth in US C7R6 LU0337786437
Janus Henderson Balanced in US JF87 IE0004445015
DWS Premier Select Trust in US A1T1 SG9999004683
Capital Group Global Allocation (LUX) in US FGXJ LU1006080060
FF Asia Pacific Multi Asset Growth & Income in US E95Z LU1366333414
Pimco GIS Strategic Income in US JZKS IE00BG800R07
Fidelity Growth & Income TR in US FE40 LU0138981039
UBS (Lux) Key Selection SICAV China Allocation Opportunity (USD) in US FUZO LU1226287529
BL Global Flexible USD TR in US BMXV LU0962811377
JPMorgan Evergreen in US K346 HK0000055829


Global Bond Citicode / TIDM ISIN
Artemis High Income GTR in US Q2BO GB00BJMD6R83
Pimco GIS Diversified Income TR in US X241 IE00B193MK07
DWS DB Fixed Income Opportunities in US 0K50 LU0654992311
Pimco GIS Global Bond Ex US TR in US C5D7 IE00B2R34X65
UBS (Lux) Bond SICAV Global Inflation-linked (USD) in US GXH7 LU0455550201
Vontobel Bond Global Aggregate TR in US FO8S LU1116636702
Threadneedle Dollar Bond GTR in US TH60 GB0002702230
BlackRock GF Global Inflation Linked Bond in US FWW5 LU0425308326
H2O Multibonds in US LUC3 FR0010923375
Fidelity Global Inflation Linked Bond in US C0W8 LU0353648891


Regional Bond Citicode / TIDM ISIN
M&G Optimal Income GTR in US J674 GB00B1H05155
GAM Star Credit Opportunities GBP in US 05DT IE00B56BC491
Pimco GIS Income in US I1YR IE00B7KFL990
Principal GIF Real Estate Debt in US N3PD IE00BD3Z9V67
LO Asia Value Bond in US F55O LU1480985222
GAM Star MBS Total Return in US KXAD IE00BNQ4LN68
Morg Stnly Euro Strategic Bond in US YM30 LU0034265644
Lloyds High Income TR in US TS46 GB0001094027
M&G Corporate Bond GTR in US MA85 GB0031285678
BlueBay Investment Grade Bond in US EOG0 LU0217402501


High Yield Citicode / TIDM ISIN
Janus Henderson Horizon Global High Yield Bond in US FEIQ LU0978624194
CS (Lux) High Yield USD Bond in US CN36 LU1684797787
T. Rowe Price Global High Income Bond in US MEPF LU1216622560
Amundi Emerging Markets Corporate High Yield Bond in US F18L LU1882457739
BlueBay Emerging Market High Yield Corporate Bond in US FJQM LU0720472579
AXA World Funds US Dynamic High Yield Bonds in US FO0I LU1105449950
Morg Stnly US Dollar Short Duration High Yield Bond in US FPOC LU1134226023
Wellington Multi-Sector Credit in US OWFQ LU1318561302
NB European High Yield Bond TR in US KWZH IE00BNH73J48
UBAM Global High Yield Solution AD USD TR in US MCM9 LU0569862435


Emerging Market Bond Citicode / TIDM ISIN
Aberdeen Standard SICAV I Frontier Markets Bond TR in US FBXR LU0963865083
Pimco GIS Emerging Markets Corporate Bond in US 0XM9 IE00B6QRWH71
Vontobel Emerging Markets Bond in US FWWJ LU1256229680
T. Rowe Price Emerging Markets Corporate Bond in US ACCA LU0596127869
M&G Emerging Markets Bond GTR in US MW61 GB0031958738
Nordea 1 Emerging Market Corporate Bond in US 0KTX LU0637300178
Franklin Emerging Market Corporate Debt in US 0XNL LU0726995136
Aberdeen Standard SICAV I Emerging Markets Corporate Bond in US N1N7 LU0566480116
BlackRock GF Emerging Markets Corporate Bond in US F60L LU0843229542
CS (Lux) Emerging Market Corporate Bond in US 09K9 LU0660296541


Sector Equity Citicode / TIDM ISIN
BlackRock GF World Mining in US MN73 LU0075056555
UBS (Lux) Real Estate Selection Global TR in US F8RE LU0349525237
JPM US Technology in US JB24 LU0117885052
Phillip Singapore Real Estate Income TR in US 0J96 SG9999007892
Multipartner SICAV RobecoSAM Smart Energy in US J232 LU0267927894
Quaero Capital Accessible Clean Energy in US KMBA LU1633832339
BlackRock GF World Technology in US MO65 LU0056508442
Variopartner SICAV MIV Global Medtech Fund in US G6D0 LU0329630999
Value Partners Health Care in US OBNB IE00BSM8VZ90
Pictet Nutrition in US FER3 LU0366534773


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