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Fund Selector Asia Awards Hong Kong 2020

We present the full shortlist of funds for Hong Kong.
Asia Pacific Equity Citicode / TIDM ISIN
First State Asian Equity Plus TR in US ZW77 IE0032834883
JPMorgan Asia Growth in US A2H1 HK0000038148
JPMorgan Pacific Securities TR in US JH63 HK0000055746
Eastspring Inv Dragon Peacock in US DUL0 LU0259732245
Manulife Asia Value Dividend Equity TR in US G3U1 LU0386017924
First State Asia Focus in US JO4P IE00B0169L03
Fidelity Asia Focus TR in US FJ08 LU0048597586
Schroder ISF Asian Opportunities in US DAY7 LU0106259558
Fidelity Asia Pacific Opportunities in US B9F4 LU0345361124
Investec Asia Pacific Equity Opportunities TR in US IZD2 LU0499858511


Greater China/China Equity Citicode / TIDM ISIN
Aberdeen Standard SICAV I China A Share Equity in US FRRW LU1146622755
UBS (Lux) Equity China Opportunity (USD) in US UA34 LU0067412154
HS China Equity in US H379
CUAM China Hong Kong Strategy in US MFGV HK0000130705
Investec All China Equity in US FV7J LU1251922891
First State China Growth in US CM43 IE0008368742
UBS (Lux) Equity Greater China (USD) in US UB43 LU0072913022
First State Greater China Growth TR in US RJ12 IE0031814852
Matthews China Dividend in US I8ZG LU0871673132
HS China A Share Focus in US J4R7


European Equity Citicode / TIDM ISIN
Fidelity European Dynamic Growth TR in US FM58 LU0119124781
Aberdeen Standard SICAV I European Equity Ex UK in US OK11 LU0231484808
Threadneedle (Lux) Pan European Small Cap Opportunities in US V988 LU0282720225
JGF-Jupiter European Growth in US J241 LU0260085492
MFS Meridian European Core Equity in US MZ56 LU0125946151
MFS Meridian Continental European Equity in US PZ87 LU0219419214
Aberdeen Standard SICAV I European Equity in US AO77 LU0094541447
Barings Europe Select Trust GTR in US BO05 GB0000796242
Fidelity European Smaller Companies TR in US FJ98 LU0061175625
AB Eurozone Equity Portfolio in US LNO6 LU0528103459


Global Emerging Market Equity Citicode / TIDM ISIN
HSBC GIF BRIC Markets Equity in US 0IC4 LU0254981946
FF Emerging Markets Focus in US FNBW LU1102505929
BlackRock GF Emerging Markets Equity Income in US 08WM LU0651946864
JPM Emerging Markets Opportunities in US JD12 LU0431992006
BlackRock GF Emerging Markets in US MM74 LU0047713382
JPM Emerging Markets Equity TR in US RT31 LU0053685615
Schroder ISF BRIC (Brazil Russia India China) in US ARN7 LU0228659784


Regional/Single Country Emerging Market Equity Citicode / TIDM ISIN
Fidelity Emerging Europe Middle East & Africa in US AAM3 LU0303823156
JPM Emerging Middle East Equity TR in US JQ09 LU0083573666
PineBridge India Equity in US MFGR HK0000227006
Harvest Asia Frontier Equity in US K0QV HK0000296324
Fidelity Emerging Asia in US BMM9 LU0329678337
Schroder ISF Emerging Asia in US AXF1 LU0181495838
PineBridge Latin America Equity in US E590 IE00B1B80R65
Manulife India Equity in US J720 LU0274383263
JPMorgan Malaysia TR in US JH60 HK0000055720
Amundi Latin America Equity in US ZF49 LU0201575346


Global Equity Citicode / TIDM ISIN
Morg Stnly Global Brands in US MP78 LU0119620416
SJP International Equity GTR in US BP22 GB0008377250
Stewart Investors Worldwide Leaders Sustainability in US CM51 IE0008368304
Threadneedle (Lux) Global Focus in US AX38 LU0061474960
AB Concentrated Global Equity Portfolio in US FMIY LU1011997381
BlackRock GF Global Long-Horizon Equity in US WB30 LU0011850046
Fidelity Global Dividend TR in US 0OY2 LU0731783048
Schroder ISF Global Sustainable Growth in US LXH5 LU0557290698
Fidelity Global Demographics in US 0VV8 LU0528227936
Morg Stnly Global Opportunity in US MCT9 LU0552385451


Japanese Equity Citicode / TIDM ISIN
Invesco Japanese Equity Advantage in US EK52 LU0607514717
Aberdeen Standard SICAV I Japanese Smaller Companies in US X696 LU0278933410
JGF-Jupiter Japan Select in US FPK8 LU0425093290
Janus Henderson Horizon Japan Opportunities in US HY11 LU0011889929
Schroder ISF Japanese Smaller Companies in US DUY2 LU0106242315
Pictet Japanese Equity Selection in US P780 LU0176900511
HSBC GIF Economic Scale Japan Equity TR in US WY55 LU0011818076


US Equity Citicode / TIDM ISIN
T. Rowe Price US Large Cap Growth Equity in US TF38 LU0174119429
Morg Stnly US Growth in US DPG5 LU0176155215
Morg Stnly US Advantage in US QR85 LU0225737302
Wells Fargo Worldwide US Large Cap Growth in US EJR6 LU0354030438
JPM US Growth TR in US CI85 LU0119063898
T. Rowe Price US Blue Chip Equity in US B4Y2 LU0133085943
AB Concentrated US Equity Portfolio in US FMJE LU1011999320
Janus Henderson US Forty in US JG25 IE0004445239
BlackRock GF US Growth in US MO57 LU0097036916
Wells Fargo Worldwide US All Cap Growth in US EJR3 LU0353189680


Mixed Asset Citicode / TIDM ISIN
Janus Henderson Balanced in US JF87 IE0004445015
UBS (Lux) Key Selection SICAV China Allocation Opportunity (USD) in US FUZO LU1226287529
FF Greater China Multi Asset Growth & Income in US E7EI LU1366333505
JPMorgan China Income in US LXJ4 HK0000053956
Allianz Income and Growth TR in US FP5R LU1129901515
First State Asian Bridge TR in US ZW59 HK0000012440
HS Global Balanced in US HK88
Templeton Emerging Markets Dynamic Income in US NJW2 LU0608807433
Allianz China Multi Income Plus in US FEPD LU0396098781
Capital Group Global Allocation (LUX) in US FGXJ LU1006080060


Global Bond Citicode / TIDM ISIN
JPM Income in US FKBI LU1041599405
JPM Global Government Bond in US ENS6 LU0406674159
Legg Mason Western Asset Short Duration High Income Bond in US CTW7 IE00B19Z5K72
Templeton Global Bond TR in US FK30 LU0029871042
Pimco GIS Diversified Income TR in US X241 IE00B193MK07
Capital Group Global High Income Opportunities (LUX) in US C258 LU0110450813
HSBC GIF Global Government Bond TR in US FRXT LU1135519921
Principal GIF Preferred Securities TR in US WV70 IE00B067MS69
Templeton Global Total Return TR in US FT30 LU0170475585
Pimco GIS Global Investment Grade Credit TR in US P697 IE0033386453


Regional Bond Citicode / TIDM ISIN
BEA Union Investment Asian Bond and Currency in US FGN9 HK0000065208
Allianz HKD Income TR in US FEPH LU0815945547
BOCHK HK Dollar Income TR in US K775 HK0000039773
Franklin Floating Rate TR in US FP81 IE0032578035
AB Mortgage Income Portfolio in US FI0X LU1021291643
HS Hong Kong Bond in US HM57
AB European Income Portfolio in US N3JS HK0000258290
Pimco GIS Income in US I1YR IE00B7KFL990
JPMorgan Asian Total Return Bond TR in US K341 HK0000055597
CUAM Hong Kong Dollar Bond TR in US MFHZ HK0000161320


High Yield Citicode / TIDM ISIN
NB European High Yield Bond TR in US KWZH IE00BNH73J48
BEA Union Investment China High Yield Income TR in US N3NS HK0000288032
Value Partners Greater China High Yield Income TR in US PA6I KYG9319N3150
Fidelity Asian High Yield in US W957 LU0286668453
T. Rowe Price Global High Income Bond in US MEPF LU1216622560
BOCHK All Weather China High Yield Bond TR in US N2MX HK0000140357
Income Partners Managed Volatility High Yield Bond in US 0GB4 HK0000421419


Emerging Market Bond Citicode / TIDM ISIN
Fidelity Emerging Market Corporate Debt in US F7BO LU0900495697
Aberdeen Standard SICAV I Emerging Markets Corporate Bond in US N1N7 LU0566480116
BlackRock GF Emerging Markets Corporate Bond in US F60L LU0843229542
BNY Mellon Emerging Markets Corporate Debt in US GM4R IE00B6VJMC30
NB Emerging Market Debt Hard Currency in US JE4P IE00B986FT65
Invesco India Bond in US FERP LU0996662002
Pimco GIS Emerging Markets Bond TR in US X240 IE00B0MD9S72


Sector Equity Citicode / TIDM ISIN
HS Property Sector FlexiPower in US HW71
BlackRock GF Sustainable Energy in US MX08 LU0124384867
JPM US Technology TR in US CK79 LU0082616367
Janus Henderson Horizon Pan European Property Equities in US HY03 LU0088927925
BlackRock GF World Technology in US MO65 LU0056508442
Pictet Clean Energy in US AET3 LU0280431049
Pictet Nutrition in US FEQ8 LU0366534344
AB International Health Care Portfolio in US AN87 LU0058721035
Janus Henderson Global Life Sciences in US JG04 IE0009355771
Aberdeen Standard SICAV I World Resources Equity in US KIB5 LU0505663152


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