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The FSA Spy market buzz – 15 December 2017

Addition at UBS; Christmas Gifts; Annual asset managers premiums and much more.

While Spy indulges in too many festive eggnogs, bottles of glühwein and Brandy Alexanders, he has been contemplating what the ideal 2018 Christmas stocking might include. Spy’s domestic commander-in-chief is unlikely to be handing out any partridges in pear trees or turtle doves, and, certainly, no ladies dancing! For any gift-minded readers, Spy would happily settle for a pocket full of bitcoins, the keys to a Central apartment and a bottle of 12-year-old Knob Creek Bourbon. Not much!

News has reached Spy that former BNP Paribas Asset Management marketer, Bonnie Wan, has resurfaced at UBS in Singapore. Bonnie has taken up a role supporting institutional marketing for the Swiss asset manager according to her LinkedIn profile. UBS has had a cracker in China this year. Their China Opportunity fund is up 54% and Great China 50%.

For those lucky enough to attend an FSA conference in 2017, it has been Christmas all year. Premiums from asset managers have been dished out with enthusiasm. Spy presents his annual top five giveaways from our FSA events, in ascending order:


5: BNP Paribas AM reusable bag


4: NB reusable writing pad thing


3: Matthews Asia bottle


2: Eastspring wireless headphones


1: M&G London bus – the kids favorite


Spy would be remiss if he didn’t say thank you to clients for the 2018 calendars we’ve received. Your Spy will never be at a loss for the date, but changing the month on dozens of calendars won’t be easy! Here’s a small sample:


This is the last Spy column of the year. He wishes all his loyal readers a very Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year.

Until January…

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