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FSA Fund Awards Hong Kong 2023

We present the full shortlist of funds for Hong Kong.

FSA’s fund awards are based on data from FE Fundinfo, which applies the filters of alpha, volatility and consistency of performance over three years to narrow down the universe of 1,349 eligible funds in Hong Kong to 140 funds across 14 categories.

In Hong Kong, funds have to be registered for retail sale to be eligible. Eligible funds include only actively managed funds (ETFs, passive/tracking funds are excluded) and should have at least a three-year track record.

The shortlists are then given to independent judges from Asia’s fund selector community in Hong Kong and in Singapore.

Below are the shortlisted fund candidates (with Citicodes and ISIN) for Hong Kong.


  Fund NameCiticode / TIDMISIN
Matthews Asia Small Companies A USDJC2HLU0871673728
Matthews Asia ex Japan Dividend A Acc USDMYYCLU1311310541
Nikko AM Asian Small Mid Equity USDNS3LHK0000315975
Fidelity Asia Pacific Dividend A USDFZ26LU0205439572
Zeal Voyage China HKD03DCHK0000068285
Robeco Asian Stars Equities DL USDFEGHLU0591061980
Stewart Investors Asia Pacific Sustainability VI Acc EURQ0IKIE00BFY86394
ICBC Asia Selection GrowthMRC4HK0000669330
JPMorgan Asian Smaller Companies Acc USDJH42HK0000055647
Fidelity Advantage Portfolio Invesco Asia Equity SavI609 


  Fund NameCiticode / TIDMISIN
ChinaAMC China Growth A Acc USDAAHELU0573366928
HSBC China DragonF2L7HK0820038419
AB SICAV I – China A Share Equity Portfolio A CNYO8Q6LU1238072513
BOCHK All Weather CNY Equity A1 CNYN2NAHK0000210283
BEA China A Share Equity AMEC9HK0000074176
HSBC Jintrust Large Cap Equity Securities Investment HE4QRCNE1000023Y2
Value Partners China A Share Select A RMBM1INHK0000220001
Schroder ISF All China Equity A Acc NAV USDP7URLU1831875114
Fullgoal China Small-Mid Cap Growth A USDP3CTLU1171460220
Allianz China A-Shares AT Acc NAV SGDOB0ULU1997245094


  Fund NameCiticode / TIDMISIN
Invesco European Focus (UK) AccAUT3GB00B28J0N53
Janus Henderson Horizon Pan European Absolute Return A2 Acc EURK864LU0264597617
MFS Meridian Continental European Equity A1 EURPZ87LU0219419214
BlackRock GF European A2 EURWB72LU0011846440
Schroder ISF European Sustainable Equity APT5LLU1910162970
BlackRock GF Continental European Flexible A4 GBPWB28LU0071969892
Fidelity European Dividend A Acc EURLPY0LU0353647737
UBS (Lux) Equity – European Opportunity Sustainable (EUR) P AccUA33LU0006391097
Invesco Continental European Equity E Acc EURP1C6LU1775949206
MFS Meridian Blended Research European Equity C1 USDEAHOLU1340705448


  Fund NameCiticode / TIDMISIN
JPM Emerging Middle East Equity A Dis NAV USDJQ09LU0083573666
Franklin MENA A Acc USDCRJ8LU0352132103
Amundi Equity MENA F2 Cap USDEKJ5LU0568614324
BNY Mellon Global Emerging Markets A Acc USDID6YIE00B8HQ1Z84
Invesco Emerging Markets Equity A-AD Inc USDP1D2LU1775952507
FF Sustainable Emerging Markets Equity A Acc USDFNBWLU1102505929
Allianz GEM Equity High Dividend CT NAV EURFEMDLU0293313671


  Fund NameCiticode / TIDMISIN
DWS Invest Croci US Dividends LC USDF3FQLU1769942746
Schroder ISF US Large Cap A1 Acc NAV USDDVB6LU0133715804
JPM America Equity A Acc NAV USDJS78LU0210528500
BlackRock GF US Small & Mid Cap Opportunities A2 USDWB40LU0006061336
JPM US Growth A Dis NAV USDCI85LU0119063898
BlackRock GF US Flexible Equity A2 USDM428LU0154236417
PineBridge US EquityJMWRHK0000133121
T. Rowe Price US Smaller Companies Equity Fund A USDTC41LU0133096635
Fidelity American Growth A USDFI43LU0077335932
AB Select US Equity Portfolio C USD10UQLU0772116835


  Fund NameCiticode / TIDMISIN
Natixis DNCA Emerging Europe Equity RE Acc USDI9G1LU0477146640
Manulife Emerging Eastern Europe AAVH62LU0196876865
Schroder ISF Latin American A Acc NAV USDDAY4LU0106259046
Schroder ISF Emerging Asia B NAV USDAXF6LU0181495911
Barings Latin America A Inc NAV USDW520IE0000828933
JPM Korea Equity Fund A Acc NAV USDA6K3LU0301634860
JPMorgan Korea NAVJH56HK0000055712


  Fund NameCiticode / TIDMISIN
JPM Global Healthcare A Acc NAV USDJD33LU0432979614
Schroder ISF Global Sustainable Growth A Acc NAV USDLXH5LU0557290698
Allianz Pet and Animal Wellbeing AT NAV EURPZ7CLU1931535931
DWS Invest CROCI World LC EURF6EGLU1769941003
Schroder ISF Global Equity Alpha A Acc NAV USDEIQ6LU0225283273
Amundi Pioneer Global Equity A2QGHYLU1880398471
SJP Global Value L Acc105XGB00B7MCBZ41
JPM Global Dividend A Acc NAV USDATD9LU0329201957
PineBridge Global Focus Equity AYN95IE0034235188
Janus Henderson Horizon Global Sustainable Equity A2 USDQD3ILU1983259539


  Fund NameCiticode / TIDMISIN
BOCIP Japan Small & Mid Cap Opportunity AICHJHK0000142460
Janus Henderson Horizon Japanese Smaller Companies A2 Acc USDHY10LU0011890265
BlackRock GF Japan Small & MidCap Opportunities A2 USDWB39LU0006061252
Fidelity Japan Value A JPYFP40LU0161332480
Eastspring Inv Japan Dynamic A USDN6B9LU0560541111
JPMorgan SAR Japan A NAVK363HK0000013851
Fidelity Global Investment Japanese EquityE800 


  Fund NameCiticode / TIDMISIN
HSBC Jintrust Dynamic Strategy Mixed Securities Investment HNBKNCNE100002425
Aberdeen Standard SICAV I Diversified Income A MInc USDFTTQLU1124234862
Allianz Choice Flexi Balanced Ord CE974HK0000061512
Schroder Balanced Investment C Acc HKDSY77HK0000213469
Schroder ISF Global Target Return A Hedged NAV USDC1ZSLU1516354237
CCBI Global Premium Selection BP92FHK0000294477
Janus Henderson Balanced A5m Acc USDJF87IE0004445015
JPMorgan Evergreen NAVK346HK0000055829
Pictet Strategic Income P dm USDNG9ZHK0000304797
Fidelity Global Investment – Core Accumulation ANTBV 


  Fund NameCiticode / TIDMISIN
BOCHK All Weather Short Term Bond A1 USDPJLAHK0000441698
E Fund Mgmt (HK) Ltd Select Bond A Acc USDOG0NHK0000311842
Invesco Tactical Bond (UK) AccHXI4GB00B4V74V60
JPMorgan Global Bond NAV USDJH40HK0000055654
Ninety One Target Return Bond C Gr Inc USDIB16LU0345762388
HSBC GIF Global Investment Grade Securitised Credit Bond AM2 HKDP3D1LU1819531440
BlackRock GF Fixed Income Global Opportunities A2 USDABR0LU0278466700
Baring Global Loan G Dis USDOFB5IE00BF2X4X24
Bosera Global Income Opportunities IKM5VHK0000204906
Invesco Pooled Pooled Investment Global Strategic Bond BOAH2HK0000323912


  Fund NameCiticode / TIDMISIN
Schroder China Fixed Income I Acc RMBPVGOHK0000221553
AB SICAV I – Global Dynamic Bond Portfolio A2H USDFK1RLU1005411225
UBS (Lux) Bond SICAV – China Fixed Income (RMB) P AccOTWULU1717043324
Income Partners RMB Bond 2B AccKQ4THK0000204559
HS Mainland China Bond A AccE3U1HK0000284742
Haitong China RMB Income A0ZWHHK0000098423
Manulife Renminbi Bond Segregated Portfolio AA USDNAQ5KYG5800M1399
ChinaAMC Select Asia Bond A USDNWJHHK0000301918
BOCIP China Bond CICHKHK0000140399
Allianz HKD Income AM NAV HKDFEPHLU0815945547


  Fund NameCiticode / TIDMISIN
Allianz US Short Duration High Income Bond AM NAV USDE2JYLU1322973634
Allspring (Lux) Worldwide – US Short Term High Yield Bond A USDG6FPLU0791592800
JPM US High Yield Plus Bond A Acc NAV USD0YOOLU0749326731
NB Short Duration High Yield Bond A USD0NH3IE00B7FN4D31
Fidelity US High Yield A USDFE34LU0132282301
Ostrum Short Term Global High Income RE/A Acc USDNTWDLU0984155993
AXA World Funds US High Yield Bonds A Cap USDIHL7LU0276014999


  Fund NameCiticode / TIDMISIN
HSBC GIF India Fixed Income ACEUR USDFC7OLU0780248950
Pictet Asian Local Currency Debt R USDQ632LU0255797713
JGF-Jupiter Global Emerging Markets Short Duration Bond I Acc USDO0TDLU1640602683
NB Short Duration Emerging Market Debt AJZ4GIE00BDZRXR46
AB Emerging Market Corporate Debt Portfolio C2 USDF4ULLU0861578960
Allianz Emerging Markets SRI Corporate Bond AMg USDQBL1LU1974910272
Pimco GIS Emerging Markets Short Term Local Currency E Acc USDDVM4IE00B3DD5P64


  Fund NameCiticode / TIDMISIN
Schroder AS Commodity D Acc NAV USDARL5LU0326977633
AXA World Funds Framlington Europe Real Estate Securities A Hedged Cap USDFI8FLU1042830981
Pimco GIS Commodity Real Return E Acc USDCAI7IE00B1D7YH97
HS Financial Sector FlexiPower AH471 
Fidelity Global Technology A EURFF41LU0099574567
Threadneedle (Lux) Global Technology BU USDSQ85LU0476273544
Janus Henderson Horizon Pan European Property Equities A3 Inc EURHZ99LU0209156925
AB International Health Care Portfolio B USDAN87LU0058721035
Natixis Thematics Water R/APWTQLU1923621640
Fidelity Global Financial Services A EURFE89LU0114722498

To see the full list of funds in Singapore, click here.

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