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FSA Awards 2016 full shortlist – Singapore

The 15 category shortlist for Singapore is based on FE Advisory’s quantitative filters that test for alpha, volatility and consistency over multiple time periods and on a risk-adjusted basis.

Singapore shortlisted funds (with Citicode) chosen from 2374 eligible funds:


Asia Pacific Equity

Macquarie Asia New Stars B9L3

PineBridge Asia ex Japan Small Cap Equity      KV08

PineBridge Asia ex Japan Equity  AH24

Manulife Asia Value Dividend Equity       G3U1

Mirae Asset Asia Sector Leader Equity   GVPF



Fidelity Asian Smaller Companies 0M9G

Schroder ISF Asian Smaller Companies  TQ84

Templeton Asian Smaller Companies      DKJ1

Value Partners High Dividend Stocks      V121

Fidelity Pacific         FJ82


Emerging Market Bonds

Investec Emerging Markets Corporate Debt       NAN8

UBS (Lux) Bond SICAV – Emerging Markets Bonds 2016 (USD)          0T1W

First State Emerging Markets Bond         0J06

Multibond Emerging Bond (USD)  JG67

Investec Latin American Corporate Debt IIW3

HSBC GIF GEM Debt Total Return         BYT2

NN (L) Emerging Markets Debt (HC)       KVS8

Pioneer Funds Emerging Markets Bond  P079

Threadneedle (Lux) Global Emerging Market Short Term Bonds          YS50

BNY Mellon Emerging Markets Corporate Debt           0YLL


European Equity

BlackRock SF European Opportunities Extension        AWY3

Investec European Equity  AUK8

Invesco Pan European Equity Income     I202

TT International European Equity  TD07

Acadian European Equity UCITS  KE1T

Invesco Continental European Equity      BW51

Pioneer European Potential          MBE8

Parvest Equity Europe Small Cap BHC6

Henderson Horizon Euroland        HY05

Capital Group European Growth and Income Fund (LUX)       UN75


Global Bonds

New Capital Global Value Credit   NM92

Aberdeen Global Select Global Credit Bond       OK47

GS Global Strategic Income Bond Portfolio       NCO4

CS 1 (Lux) Global Value Bond      I0B0

Russell Global Bond A3S4

BlackRock GF Fixed Income Global Opportunities       ABR0

Aberdeen Global II Global Sovereign Opportunities Bond       C2H2

UOB United High Grade Corporate Bond ICI8

Pimco GIS Global Investment Grade Credit       P697

Legg Mason Western Asset Global Core Plus Bond     MAC9


Global Emerging Market Equity

HSBC GIF Frontier Markets         0MBL

Charlemagne Magna New Frontiers        N8H8

Charlemagne Magna Undervalued Assets         KBA1

Fidelity FAST Emerging Markets  0H6T

HSBC GIF Emerging Wealth        CAF3

RAM (LUX) Systematic Funds Emerging Markets Equities     IGF6

Stewart Investors Global Emerging Markets Leaders   Z874

Aviva Investors Emerging Markets Equity Small Cap    A7I1

Carmignac Ptf Emerging Discovery         C2R8

Alger Emerging Markets     J364


Global Equity

Invesco Global Smaller Companies Equity         0DK3

AXA Rosbrg Global Small Cap Alpha      AP92

GS Global Small Cap Core Equity Portfolio        FMF5

LO Funds – Generation Global      F5WZ

Henderson Gartmore Global Growth       GR50

Vontobel Fund MTX Sustainable Global Leaders          HY41

Schroder ISF Global Smaller Companies E9W6

Henderson Global Care Growth    NT46

Wellington Global Quality Growth Portfolio         047A

Templeton Global    UJ24


Greater China/China Equity

Schroder China Equity       KLO6

Open Door Capital Group China   YJ88

UBS (Lux) Equity – China Opportunity (USD)     UA34

BNPP Flexi Equity Small Caps China A   B7S8

Threadneedle China Opportunities          T154

Value Partners Classic       V118

Threadneedle (Lux) Greater China Equities       YL45

Comgest Growth Greater China    CK11

UBS (Lux) Equity – Greater China (USD) UB43

BCM Vitruvius Greater China Equity       FHR9


High Yield

T. Rowe Price European High Yield Bond          0DMS

UBS (Lux) Bond – Euro High Yield (EUR) IHO1

Nordea 1 European High Yield Bond       N399

Eurizon EasyFund Bond High Yield         E6N5

BlueBay High Yield Corporate Bond        IHH3

Threadneedle High Yield Bond      TH64

AXA World Funds Global High Yield Bonds       YL78

UBAM Global High Yield Solution MCM8

Morg Stnly Global High Yield Bond          0L2A

AXA World Funds US High Yield Bonds  IHL7


Japanese Equity

PineBridge Japan Small Cap Equity        A086

PineBridge Japan Small & Mid Cap Equity         QO97

Fidelity Japan Aggressive   E569

Schroder ISF Japanese Opportunities     J603

JPMorgan Japan (Yen)      JH50

Eastspring Inv Japan Dynamic      N6B9

Man GLG Japan CoreAlpha Equity         IPC7

JPMorgan Japan Smaller Company (Yen)         AYE8

Comgest Growth Japan     CT25

Neptune Japan Opportunities       DJ51


Mixed Asset

Polar Capital Income Opportunities         GUZ3

Odey Odyssey        0MK8

JPM Asia Pacific Income    0A4C

M&G Episode Macro          J5I6

ABN AMRO Multi Manager Profile 6        ANN5

GS Tactical Tilt Portfolio    0NDK

Saltus Growth Assets        GST8

CGWM Select Opportunity DIS7

PineBridge Asia Balanced  A083

UBS (CH) Institutional – Global Allocation (USD)          Y261


Regional Bond

Twelve Falcon Insurance Linked Strategy          MNK2

Franklin Floating Rate        FP81

NN (L) Asian Debt Hard Currency IQ26

M&G Corporate Bond        MA85

Emirates Global Sukuk       B6Y6

Threadneedle UK Corporate Bond TH11

Lloyds High Income TS46

M&G Optimal Income        J674

Pimco GIS UK Corporate Bond    CAH6

Henderson Sterling Bond   PR25


Regional/Single Country Emerging Market Equity

EFG Hermes Middle East & Developing Africa   HD48

East Cap Balkan      EG51

Invesco Korean Equity       GW61

Aviva Investors Emerging Europe Equity CU43

APS Vietnam Alpha 0GCD

First State Regional India   CM61

Allianz Emerging Asia Equity        DF60

JPMorgan India Smaller Companies        A3T1

Fidelity Taiwan        FI53

LionGlobal Korea     A5D3


Sector Equity

Third Avenue Real Estate Value   FIY1

Henderson Horizon Pan European Property Equities    HY03

T. Rowe Price Global Natural Resources Equity Y849

JB EF Energy Transition    DPS6

Parvest Equity World Materials     YS24

Guinness Global Money Managers          MKR5

Polar Capital Healthcare Opportunities    BDM9

JB Multistock Health Innovation    BKO8

Vontobel Fund Clean Technology DTS5

Fidelity Global Technology FF41


Singapore Equity

Deutsche Singapore Small Mid Cap        A1U7

First State Singapore Growth       CM62

Nikko AM Singapore Dividend Equity      D059

Nikko AM Shenton Thrift    DC54

Schroder Singapore Trust  SZ39


US Equity

New Capital US Growth     KIZ9

Fidelity America       FI94

BCM Vitruvius US Equity   Q254

Fidelity American Growth   FI43

Robeco US Select Opportunities Equities          0DZT

T. Rowe Price US Large Cap Value Equity        TC57

T. Rowe Price US Large Cap Growth Equity      TF39

Robeco US Premium Equities       R048

GS GMS US Equity Portfolio        CAI4

Legg Mason ClearBridge US Aggressive Growth          X749


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