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China funds reign among top 2015 performers

Asia’s top performing product had a 148% calendar year return -- in a year when 60% of funds ended underwater.

China funds accounted for three of the top five performing funds in 2015, across all asset classes (excluding ETF and hedge), according to data from FE Advisory.

The best performer was the BNP Paribas Flexi Equity Small Caps China A-Shares Fund, which soared in 2015, registering a 148% calendar year return, according to FE data. China small caps in the consumer and TMT sectors make up about 60% of the fund.

The results were far ahead of the second best fund, the Hang Seng’s China B-Share Focus, which recorded a strong 46% return.

Global markets were negatively impacted by summer market volatility sparked by a retail-driven selloff in China. However, among the top five, the BNP product along with BlackRock SF European Opportunities Extension Fund and Standard Life Investment’s European Smaller Companies vehicle stayed in positive territory the entire year.

The data is for January 1 to December 31 2015 for funds available for sale in Hong Kong and/or Singapore.

Of course, one calendar year does not validate a fund. But outperformance in 2015 is particularly striking, FE data shows.

About 60% of all funds across all asset classes available for sale in Hong Kong and/or Singapore — a total of 4535 products — were in negative territory for the calendar year.

In 2014, only 31% ended in negative territory.



            Top five performing funds in 2015*

 *Funds available for sale in Hong Kong and/or Singapore. ETFs and hedge excluded.

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