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Blackrock and CS partner for PE initiative

The two firms have joined forces to offer private funds linked to societal trends.
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The initial offering will be the first in a series of investment initiatives created for the private wealth market for eligible individual investors. They will seek to achieve a double impact: attractive multiples on the capital invested and positive contribution to addressing major societal trends, according to a statement by the firms.

The Health and Wellbeing Fund is designed to tap into opportunities across four sub-themes, including physical health and wellbeing, mental health and development, nutrition and resources, and financial health. The themes are supported by Credit Suisse so-called “Supertrends”, which include “millennials’ values, anxious societies and the silver economy”.

“Our Supertrends spotlight the long-term investment opportunity in tackling the global demand for health and wellbeing,” said Michael Strobaek, global chief investment officer at Credit Suisse

They also align with selected United Nations Sustainable Development Goals promoting access, affordability, innovation and inclusion, giving clients the opportunity to generate both social impact, as well as financial outcomes.

“This is the first in a series of impact initiatives that we will co-develop with Credit Suisse over the coming years,” said Mirjam Staub-Bisang, country head of BlacrRock Switzerland and a senior advisor to Blackrock Sustainable Investing.

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